Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#poetry - let light be

a stern man asked me once
who's your senator?
The year is unknown.
When I read the paper, I read it slow.
I too am a senator
of every century
I stand in phased time,
I know some will try to track me
I know some will only smile
I see others in street lights with many black eyes
I see them also outside a bar
I am liked because I am not afraid
and also because I smile back
and also when I make them laugh,
They are like everyone else and know it
They are more than everyone else and I know it
and enjoy a privilege in their regard
because I am not like them
but acknowledge them as they are
and this is a rare thing among beings---
I can sense when they calculate my number
and chart the trajectory of my arrival
for all likelihood of my true origin,
I sense their excitement that perhaps my source is older.

We are all looking for our true parents
unless we are not
and then we are here to reclaim our children
who wandered off once in stars long forgotten
and did not call home when they settled down
and did not call home when the moved on,
ambled for close to infinity
leaving track marks of memory swirling about
in wake of their aimlessness,
how sorrowful the eternal heart of the parentage
to come out beyond the gates
in search of their little lost ones
and to find along the way
in signs of their children's past lives
evidence they were so very frightened to be alone
and all this time in search of home but lost
and growing ever anxious near the maw---
some of us here are looking for you
and you know when we find you
because you feel like you are home.

i've made bonfires in trash cans
on quiet nights to stir the entire crowd.
in one time i stood in cambridge
in another it was jerusalem
in both times we were under siege
in both i had to signal for help.
by the ash of ground
i called the ash of sky
and by the fire's light and heat
i unleashed devil dogs.
angelic prison exchange
like an ancient dance followed,
nuance there to keep the force of all quiet---
for how much gratitude we must show this force
and how precious the way we show it
and how precise the result when we do.
we sent our boys into the depth
to the pitch that holds our oldest forgotten
and we pulled one light pearl from the maw
and left one devil dog in her place
and in the land of light
the holy times of jerusalem
the virtuous times of cambridge
the times of all good kingdoms
a light pearl forms inside the mind of a child
the child is a twin
and these children kick now to be born.

outside my quantum cell
appearance was cambridge 3 a.m.
every knight in jerusalem waiting to kneel
every scholar in cambridge taking note
a passing of ancient wisdom forming face
in listless cloudy night.
the procession had begun
the oldest of our ancestors returned east---
came in ash and vapor
came in bear and beast
came in family and friend
came to see the new king and queen.
light from the setting moon over the buildings
illumed the bellies of these creatures
and through the apeture of their eyes
two loving stars shined.
cars and coaches proceeded by slowly
led by the circular blue-white glowing
of the lights on a squad car
and then one two three four and more
cars and coaches of every color
drove on slow to the hospital order
on to the hospital to deliver truth.

i got to pick the eye color.
i chose blue. then i chose green.
this is how it happens sometimes in reality---
we raise ourselves slowly
learning how to sing
and sing as trees and rocks and dirt and sky
as all beings sing alive all sing till we die
and in each life our songs are many
we may never sing them all
and the voices are many
and the age of these voices are all
and we wonder if the all of our voices
are the same all of other singers.
but we revel regardless when our all finds harmony
and so we seek to preserve this here,
this our meeting ground of all over.
it may be we all come from the same place
it does appear we have forgotten where
but whereas we find ourselves here
we can also make it appear
that we here too are one.

when we start to lose sync with this dream
where we hold a common truth as we hold eternity
where this truth is eternal
where in all time it can be found
then we do what we must
to preserve and secure it
to extend it even when threatened
because threat is at our door
because we see we must grow
because we are not meant to reduce
and lose an ounce of what we are---
we reborn ourselves
we make more light
we accept the challenge
we send our devil dogs into the maw
we extract a light pearl
we extract divine knowledge
we pull from the oldest source
we infuse our common ground with more truth
we prepare for the next evolution.

and so the little chosen ones were born
and all time knelt for a while
the knights and the wisemen
and the workers of soil and all things from it
and the harriers who claim the air
and the mavens of deep waters
and all servient that keep in shallower depth
and all representatives of the crystal
wrapping round the inifinite truth
at the center of the Pearl of Pearls
at this place we are and are here to defend---
not one moment of being unserving
the dawn of new truth in existenc,
the tips of our being are set deep within the unknown
the unknown shawl hugging the shoulders we shrug
gloved fingers tipping knowledge from the otherside
pulls from the darkness and is again light!
no member of our body disconnects with its source
no dominion for oblivion but what forgetfulness makes,
this realm is an endless series of reminder notes
of child to parent and parent to child
our mind speaking to itself by space across time
the words are many and each life a song
each period a symphony
each birth a coda
each silence a chance to feel all again
and each new sound never heard before
is the winking at us of eternal truth
born are the little ones to remind us anew
the maw is nothing beside our love 

and when at 4am cambridge became forrest
i became a gargoyle
and the agents assigned me lost my track---
though in six or seven months i may die by heart attack
throughout the span of time
i am always the road runner
the instigator of wonder
the upsetter of unworthy crowns
the ointment of thorns
the silence of true peace
the euphoria of inhale and exhale
the master of entropy
the master of the devil dog
the seer and the singer and the firemaker
the tree warden and the tree and the thief
the smith of many unreal things
the son of the father and the father of all
the son at every stage of being
the son of every stage of being
the father of this knowledge
the father of this realm of truth
the painter of light as light dreams to be---
i step back now from this canvass
and let my paint cool,
i let light be.

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