Real estate broker in Boston since 2005, done hundreds of deals, supervised thousands. I currently manage a residential office in Cambridge. I am actively recruiting agents. Looking for hunters. Don't worry if you don't know how to hunt--I do. And I train very well. Feel free to contact me with interest.

Am a writer and poet. Have spent the past 13 years figuring out what to say and learning how to say it. Maybe every writer writer says you never finish working on those two elements. But they all should, after a time, admit there is a line they eventually crossed, after which its time to publish. Me, at that line right now.

Love music and enjoy live shows. Other loves: Stand-up Comedy, Good Sit-Coms, Anything That's Funny, Random conversation, Planned conversation, Writing long emails to friends, Looking like I know what I'm doing at art museums, Reading good stuff, Finding good stuff to read, Discovering good animators, participating in Social Media especially #UsGuys dialogue, Rhetorical Argument, Thinking about Anything. Writing. Revising. Dancing. Being near the ocean and playing chess. I try to travel as often as possible.

Personal Timeline

1997, Graduated Fairhaven High School. Fairhaven is a coastal town, 56 miles Southeast of Boston. Site of the 1st Naval Battle of the Revolutionary War, 1 Fairhaven Schooner vs. 2 British Frigates resulted in Patriot victory.

1997-2004,  College: Northeastern University, Boston. Attendance not continuous, took time off to work. Took nearly 20 writing workshops. In addition to majoring in English lit, studied political philosophy. Participated in campus activity and Greek Life (Pike here), 4 years unbeaten in James Bond Golden Eye for Nintendo 64. Lived in the Fenway, South End, and Washington Square, Brookline.

1999-2004, Finance Internships: mutual fund companies. 2 out of 3 of these companies claimed in print to have invented the mutual fund.

1999, popped champagne in Evergreen's Muni-Bond department the day the Dow broke 10K.

2000, height of tech boom, booze cruising the Boston harbor with Eaton Vance, just then #1 company on Boston Globe's list, its tech funds towering on Lipper reports. .

2004, tried to draw a look of shame out of MFS then-CEO John Ballen, in the elevator from 20th Floor Legal Department to the street, who'd been caught red-handed market timing and late trading.

2004, Graduated Northeastern University, summa cum laude. Bachelor's English Lit. Concentration: Creative Writing.

2004, Pearson Education, two seasons as an associate editor. Boring as shit Rights Management & Licensing acquisition, a department of absurdly wild importance within Pearson Custom Publishing, a Pearson division that simply knocked the covers off other books, slapped on theirs, and blasted it out to the market with the gall to proudly smile and report 15 years of 30% on 30% growth.

2005-2008, starving for sales experience, chose to work for boutique residential leasing office in Boston, a real estate career launch of 10,000 sales-related conversations. Talked often about mental kung fu. Boston being a multi-cultural crossroad, encountered perhaps at least one representative of every human culture on the planet, called it Swimming in the Human Psyche.

2008, father diagnosed with cancer.

2008, narrowly survived a house fire.

2008-2009, spent 7 months in Denver. Lived in Baker. Worked in Englewood. Tumbled down Vail Mountain. Enjoyed $5 Bottomless Mimosas at Sputnik's in Baker every Saturday between 11am and 3pm. My boss, also a NU Alumni, told me the first day, "They don't get sarcasm out here"---so I experimented with that for a few months. He was right.

2009, despite a valiant fight, father fell in battle with cancer.

2009, started the God Bolt.

2009, returned to Boston. Headed an RE rental division in Cambridge, start-up company owned by a local player. "Enjoyed" 8 months working 100 hour weeks, seamlessly blending work with play. A valuable education all in all in the local business/economics/politics coalitions that drive small business. Learned that Municipality, for all its police power, is truly subordinate to Principality, though it tries not to be.

2010, significantly reduced hours spent chasing real estate deals. Dedicated more time to writing.

2011, restructuring a real estate office based in Cambridge; writing lyrics for a multi-intrumental musician.

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