For God Bolters

The God Bolt is looking for contributors to join in the daily bolt.  If you have been following, like what you read and view here and feel inspired to contribute, send me a query email.  In it, please include a bio with short background on your work, and a few samples.  I will certainly write back and if there appears to be a connection between your work and the God Bolt, welcome aboard.

Recruiting bloggers, artists, photographers, writers and poets.  Looking for materials that have political, social, or economic insight or perspective. Subjects concerning Social Media are also of particular interest here. However, if your work does not conform to these restrictions but you believe in your voice and think you can jibe with the God Bolt readership, send your work along.

The God Bolt readership is growing daily out of virtuous and organic participating in various blog circles and Twitter discussion groups. Posts are delivered to a Twitter following with selected Hashtags to increase relevant exposure. Feed burns are applied as well. You will be read, is the point :)

We look forward to hearing from you.

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