Monday, April 7, 2014

#poetry - A word

Tremble for the verses or 
throw down and exhaust all care.
There may be a kernel left
to etch a word with,
and that would be a poem.


Friday, March 14, 2014

#fiction - On Pissing at the Girls Room

I was standing in line at the Druid, waiting for my turn in the men's room.

I wandered in thought.

Thinking about an Irish musician who said Paris is where he will be for St Patrick's day "Because that is where the money is."

It was taking the first gentleman extra long, so as I thought out things that had to do with the Irishman's proclamation, I drifted toward the door marked "Women"

I opened the door and moved to step in. But an arm extended in front of me. A women started talking.

"You cant go in there, its the ladies room."

I responded,

"I'd be rich if I had a dollar every-time a woman came out of the men's room."

"That's different," she said dismissively.

"Why? It may be true that I piss straighter than most women."

She waved her hand and responded, 
"I could piss any way I want as long as the seat is up and no one would notice."

I looked at the man standing next to this woman, he smiled. I looked back at her,

"That's great, but I'm still going in there."

She asked

"Do you like this place, yes or no?"


"Yes or no?"

"I don't have time for this."

"Because I like it, I live here. It's my favorite place.  And if you go in there, you'll violate them on the sanitary code."

"Sanitary code? What are you, Health Department?"

"Yes, I am."

"Here in Cambridge?"

"No, Boston."

"What's your name?"


I took out and passed her my business card.

"Kelly, my name is Robert. I've been in ten thousand Boston apartments. You are doing a horrible job."

"Well that's residential. I'm commercial."

"Oh really. You know one time I made my entire class raise their hand without saying a word by just raising my hand and leaving it up."

She looked at the fella she was with and said

"You know, one time, in band camp--"

I cut her off---

"It has nothing to do with band camp. It has to do with black mold in bathrooms, bed bugs in the bedrooms, vegetation growing on the walls in the living room, and 16 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Among other things."

"But that's residential, I'm--"

"Set a proper example in one segment of the market, it affects the other segment. Do that. Now excuse me."

I stepped toward the woman 's bathroom again , and again Kelly's arm went up to block me. She said

"If you go in there, you will violate the Druid."

I looked at her arm then into her eyes. I pointed at the sign "Women."

"You see this sign? Well 'A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.' And that comes from Gertrude Stein, the most femi-nazi of all y'all. So, I'm cool. Good night."

Her arm dropped. I brushed past her, stepped into the Women's room, closed the door. I proceeded to piss straight into the bowl. My piss stream landed in the very center of the water and stayed on target. My piss never touched porcelain, only Cambridge City Water. I used a wad of toilet paper to flush the toilet and the same wad to open the door. I did not wash my hands because they only touched my clean dick.

Kelley was gone when I came out. The man she was with was still there. He shrugged. I finished my drink, paid my tab, walked home, ate peanut butter and fell asleep watching True Detective.

#poetry ? How it gets done in #CambridgeMA


Quiet gets you the job, raise, promotion, and equity
          A fish would love.

So can't be hard to tell. Anyone knows who you are.

Fourth grade guerrilla warrior tells her mama she's not happy.
Mom tweets discontent, hashtag elite.
           A pizza shop shuts down for good.

Meanwhile, Alderman. A room of architects.
           One sheet in hand for liquor.
           An easel with rustic things upon it.
           Slightly concerned but willing not to be.

Right things are said. But let's meet again, in Korea.
                The taxi knows only 3 streets.
                 Left, Right, Straight.

You can't pay or get out. But be quiet.

High five, rare coin.
A 4 story building thought too hard.
A 4 alarm fire man saved the day
A 4 star hotel noticed.
Who doesn't like the number 4, Cap?
          There's insurance for that.

A sealed envelope is very pretty.
         Connecticut is nice as well as Hong Kong.

-Inman 46:1

Thursday, February 27, 2014

#poetry - Crocodile Candy

I'm going down to the candy store
to pick me up a little more
I've gotta hitch a ride
cause I'm way behind
The more I bargain
The more I find

There's no where but this little door
its opening now a little more
I had to ask the guy
If I could come inside
Many people shopping
Some of them blind

They hold a note and let it go
He sweeps the floor nice and slow
The bagger makes for lollipops and
The rest of us go walking hand and hand

While talking fast to the man
We're losing time within a show
And homeless but for a while now
Yet with all hope we smile
   See that's our crocodile
   Yes, that's our crocodile

Sunday, February 23, 2014

#poetry - Fewer Pieces Left Behind

(written January 17th, 2010)

I am the first born of the dead and one of the rulers of the kings of earth.
Now and again there comes in mind as here--
And I ask myself shall I return to my Church?
Shall I return to Church before I return to earth?

How swiftly we do, how swift rather,
   how swift we do

             forget and remember
             friends and waters
             lends and grants
             deeds and sovereigns
             echoes and chants

fateful journeys we take, fortune telling the wake
how swift we do harm by the length of this psalm
yet we are the writer now and
bid the reader smaller bites to eye will
preserve the psalm from harm and the eye as well.

I am the porcupine. This is my spell.

And I heard tell
"The Gods are coming down. The Gods are coming down and that's a guarantee."
                                                                     - John M.

In a place where I wrote, "A Gent of the System"

And who are you today, Senor Ortiz---
~A Gentleman of the Sister Temple~

And what have you to say for yourself, Sir?
~You have forgotten already my name-
and from where we wonder are you now came~

"The Hunting Verse" from The Jungle Book by R. Kipling

Feet that make no noise;
eyes that can see in the dark;
ears that can hear the winds in their lairs;
and sharp white teeth;
all the things are the marks of our brothers
except Tabaqui the Jackal and the Hyaena
whom we hate."


few er peace S left b-hind

Sunday, February 16, 2014

#poetry - just like this

i woke up in the morning
jumping out of my bed
the roses in the window
were painting me red
my clothes were locked in packages
i started to sweat
the naked are the fearless
coming out of my breath

  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom,
  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom

i wrote a note and tore it up
what more could be said
sunlight and the afterglow
some fish to be fed
but music without radios
more alive than dead
i'm walking down the street now
running out of my head

it's gotta be just
just like this

  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom,
  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom

it's gotta be just
just like this

  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom,
  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom

the naked are the fearless
coming out of my breath
i'm walking down the street now
running out of my head

it's gotta be just
just like this
it's gotta be just
just like this
it's gotta be just
just like this

  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom,
  boom, boom-boom,
  boom, boom, boom

Friday, January 31, 2014

#poetry - sexy

there is something for you
the joker came to show you
and now its calling out your name

at first you thought he's lying
but with your breath you're sighing
and now you know it is your day

and you miss him but your not a
misser, but your not a
misser, there's no other way

baby, he loves you
come on and wake
baby, he loves you
baby he loves, but not only you

you can live without him
you are not bound around him
no matter what there is no shame

oh do not think about time
you've got everything and time
you'll love when standing in the rain

oh sexy is your appeal
sexy is your appeal
sexy is your proud domain

baby, he loves you
come on and wake
baby, he loves you
baby he loves, but not only you

Thursday, January 16, 2014

#poetry - a supernova

crown my victor before i'm dead
seek good counsel before bread
mute boys are not always dumb
take the tempest it has love
everything is taken and given hope
for needs of few the have of some

fortinbras and hamlet friends
hear and now our journey ends
our jouryneying was good and so

to church i am going
to bed i am bending yet
good chief must take on his own kin
fighting to measure fuel
troublesome motion comes due
snaking in a grass that's calm

fortinbras and hamlet friends
if you hear our journey ends
our journey was so good and done

i couldn't help but notice there
a sovereign ship a sailor tan
saint george hustling is your gig
shuffling on and playing it

our journeying was good and so
our journey was so good and done
the journey is what makes it fun
our journeying was good and so
our journey was so good and done
a supernova has begun


#poetry #music - "big business monkey" daniel johnston

"big business monkey"
daniel johnston

nothing's funny
big business monkey
everything's money
you sell cheeseburgers
with that cashier's smile
he runs his house like
a burger king manager
and the only jokes he knows
are the ones that'll put you down

big business monkey
he'll take over the world
and you can have it now
but you can't take it with you
and everything you cling to
will rot
and everything you do
will be forgot
by everyone you ever tried to impress

album: Hi How Are You (1983)

fear not a basement movement or that you'll be discovered. keep the faith and the faithful will find you.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

#poetry - peace of mind

point to the poised
and you will be amazed
there ain't nothing
coming from that cave

no, no nothing
just the sound of something
and the pound of pounding
where we're found wanting
to be crowned undaunted
to be crowned undaunted

and i tell you now
and i tell you now

there is no worry on your brow
there is no hurry if you're slow
there is no bother to make do
there is no farther for you

for the one thing you're missing
is a chance to be given
what you've wanted to be given
a remembrance of heaven
and assurance fulfilling
all your needs for all-knowing

and yet it will come to you
and yet it will come to you
and yet it will come to you
and yet it will come to you

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

#poetry - I Want Everything

I'm really happy with my slice of heaven,
I wake up every morning at a quarter eleven.
My girlfriend loves me and she treats me right.
My house is cozy and its such a delight.
The weather 'round here is easy to handle.
When times are tough, I just light a candle.
If I hear bad news, I just turn off the TV.
I don't let anything bother me--
except a mantra that has lost control,
might be insane, but it makes me whole.
Two voices singing three words and repeating,
so loud and often that I'm hard of hearing.
You see, I'm crazy in a heavenly way,
these voices guide me and this is what they say:

I want     Everything
I want     Everything
I want     Everything
I want     Everything
I want     Everything
I want     Everything
I want     Everything
I want     Everything

Sunday, October 20, 2013

#poetry - halos

one on one you and i can get it done
there's peace for us to have and hold
with only a wave to handle
and wind before a candle
neither can slow us down
or cause in us despair

each morning a stone
rolls up a mountain stair
and slow proud smoke
follows the afternoon
chasing fading light

above a cloud are those
who teach us how to defend
and how to be teachers
each night we walk
with thoughts of our friends

around the moon are seven mile halos
in every state of every union
this is always true
while the wind helps us along
the night remains blue

Thursday, October 17, 2013

#poetry - melting time

my freezer froze my margarita mix
melting time is on my hands

     i slide this pen
     i make sticks

how are all of you before
    the how of all of me

sometimes i refuse to believe in distinction
     for evolution leadeth toward extinction

but we stretch
and our muscles unnerve
        as we catch a yawn
and the worst of all of it
    moves further and further along

so we can enjoy what has melted
and also be patient for what is frozen

while toes can kick a bull dozer
tithers tether crooked teeth
  one by one a dozen
minusing the meek
           set to sail
       set a voyaging mind explosion
   set a sun but one billion years to death
set a line that makes all lines whetted

now to attend to our very beginning
         which before our end has feted

Saturday, September 14, 2013

#poetry - The Drummer and the Dancer

I need to control you
so I can make myself whole.
So I come and show you
who I am and what's my goal.

I have vision, a clear vision---
We are searching for a truth,
we are desperate in this need.
It has become our only food.

I am the fiend that finds you
I am the friend that guides you
I tell you stories that you love to hear
I send you running the world in fear.

I am confessing to you now
while you are chasing the answer---
all along I beat upon your skin,
I am drummer, you are dancer.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

#poetry - the dead spot

woke up to a dead spot
in the life of all life
that came to be a living death
slowly over time

at first we had a doctor
he was not so nice
gave us something
we didn't want
put us out on ice

then we had just ourself
guessing at the game
guessed we were alright
but we had to
guess again

then we had policemen
knocking down our door
they had brought
more doctors
just to be sure

couldn't lose the dead spot
it had come to life
being such a drag and
sucking all the time

not to say there was no hope
but it kept us low
everyday we
had to try
breathing was a chore

what had kept us going on
was a memory
of being fine
and the promise that we could
all be fine again

there was always something good
trying to get out
of the cloak
we always wore
and be what we were

always there's a dead spot
though we have more life
it will take what it can
and widdle down our time

having gone through it all
we are more mature
and can take
the slowing of
our heart in its detour

there are next door neighbors
there are distant friends
there are candlesticks
and there our
story ends

we could be factors
in a random poll
but the question
is too long
to be caught in whole

always there's a dead spot
cutting through our life
taking what it can and
widdling down the time

we can't lose the dead spot
it blossoms from our life
dragging like a fallen flag
it sucks in all the time

we wake and there's a dead spot
our life our precious life
comes to be a living death
this slowly over time

Saturday, February 23, 2013

#poetry - sola tola mola

sola tola mola
i can make it now
where to put the cola
worry on my brow

for to me there is truth
in a rosin bow
slung across a crook and
making it real slow

sola tola mola
give me what i want
put him in the hole ma
that will be his spot

for the moment it computes
whether it is nice
that shall be our slogan we'll
have it with some ice

sola tola mola
just to be a pest
turn it to the maximum
bleed it on your best

for we have no choices
and riddle is our way
magic in the corner slot
liquor saves the day

Friday, February 22, 2013

#Poetry - The Joke

i see you in a moving picture
you are inching toward the garage
stepping over all of your clothes
scattered all over the yard
in a moment you see his face
looking this way and that
you walk up and hug his body but
no one is hugging back

the joke upon us is that
candles need more than one match
in every moment we think
of moments falling back

i see you on the picnic table
dogs are running this way and that
smoking a clove cigarette
a woman clamours about her health
then he's walking down the path
carrying coffee in his hands
his expression says he loves you and
you know you love him back

the joke upon us is that
candles need more than one match
in every moment we think
of moments falling back

i see you in a meditation
in this room you feel alright
and right then an idle moment
nothing shows within your eyes
you are looking in a mirror
passing through what you would see
could be hours but they're minutes
could be senseless but you're free

the joke upon us is that
candles need more than one match
in every moment we think
of moments falling back

Friday, January 11, 2013

#poetry - Sundae, Birds, Pina Colada

Look I found a chocolate sundae,
Someone must have left it for me.
I could just sit here and eat it but
I've got to be out the door.

When my luck is running dry,
I like to make fun of birds.
Even though I can't fly,
I know that I have got them beat.

Sipping on a pina colada,
I watch the busy walkers go by.
I found a hole in this long day,
And made myself the way I like to be.

Friday, October 19, 2012

#Poetry - Florence and Paint

In Florence all the good stuff is spray painted upon.
There is something there.
I’ll let you spray paint upon me
If you realize first how beautiful I am.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Performance Under Fire

I still remember how to perform the function.
So much has come to mind and still I know.
I will not give it up.
More God Bolts