Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#poetry - Pledge of the Archangel

I am Archangel, one and many,
I am Power of God, I exist to deliver,
There are none but God who stand above me,
The body I assume is my prophet.

I am with free will, my choices are flawless,
I am perfection, imperfection yields to my will,
I risk nothing against all peril,
I have no equal, except of my Order,
I exist in fellowship, alone and in concert,

I am within and without time,
I am within and without space,
I am within and without mind,
I am within and without soul.

I may never be defeated for I am Victory.

To men, I am immortal,
To men, I am grace and courage,
To men, I am wisdom and love,
To men, I seem like All.

Men fear when I am amok,
Men surrender to my custody,
Men accept the form my Justice assumes,
Men benefit upon my Arrival.

What I think, men do;
What I know, men may know;
Men exist to carry my memory,
Men exist to carry my plan.

With fire team, I deliver bunker,
With squad, I deliver garrison,
With platoon, I deliver city,
With company, I deliver state.

I have come to purify the Well,
I have come to foster increase,
I have come to set the Record,
The Day of Judgment is now.

When I kneel,
When my wings expand,
When my sword is aflame,
When my flight

All adversary shall fail

Prepare for doom,
Prepare for reckoning,
Prepare for Truth,
Prepare for Peace.

#poetry - Wake up and smell the roses

"Wake up and smell the roses"

First comes will, then energy,
Then it finds you after you find it,
Then comes curiosity with innocence,
and love and warmth and light.

Next comes the first lie and
in the fall out you cry though,
it was comparatively small but,
it makes you feel paradise lost.

Then you adjust and counter and
begin to lie as well and join
the ranks and participate and
still have love but hurt and feel.

Then the well in you fills
and brims with a sorrow
driven by all you could have said
and done with more truth.

Then the weight of your well
so deep and full halts you fully
and you sink in some form of despair
and begin to think your self is lost.

Then you learn to cope in some way
and drain some of your well
till it fills again and you repeat
and start to polish a human life.

But then just maybe you leave
your well unguarded and unchecked
until it fills and brims and floods
the entire plane upon which you stand
                 and take for granted.

Now you must sincerely dwell
until you find the root and the source
of your well; now you must go down there
against the grain of fear, diving deep.

You have mishaps and fear and anxiety
and nearly drown on the way, but still you go
and little by little you build fortitude
and wind and skill, diving to your pearl.

Then you come like a rocket out of your own deep
with pearl in hand and a glowing smile on face,
and you are then with open rejuvenated heart
and a mind born free and flowing with thought.

And you return to all you love
and return very true but little wise,
you cannot yet know the nature
of the fear in their eyes.

Then you rattle around the walls
of other folks' brains and incite
them to action of good and bad intent
and take their shame and receive harm from them.

Then you open a door to Patience
and go along with a loved one
out of trust; it is next when
Patience and trust meet, that it begins.

You yield the best of you to the best of them,
And in comes more light and vision,
And you yield control and simply be,
while they yield to you both love and skill.

And through the gentle rush of it all,
by the kindness, for the will,
because you are ready and so are they,
next you open up your eyes

and you see the waves of heat
and you smell the Roses
and you know then God is with you
and you know then heaven has come to earth.

#poetry - Dirty and Clean

The dirt that is in and on my car
Is all the places I have ever been,
Like my shoes and my skin.

I have no fear of the past,
It has lost its hold on me;
And now I am movement, soft but fast.

I might take some time to clean and review,
But the more that I take now,
Perhaps less good travel and work I do?

There may be no good for me to try
to scrub the past out of the present;
That act may only make the future cry.

Better that I clean my mind without need,
of real things and hold myself to know,
that I am clean regardless of travel or deed,
Although, some pieces of dirt must go.

#poetry - Jackpot!

Easy come and
    easy go

I troubleshoot a
    big Rainbow

I rise high and
    I fall low

By and by a
    pot of gold

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#poetry - Perfect Beauty

For Gabriella

You give the all of your beautiful love
To your colleagues, friends and family;
You strive to be honest and true always,
You approach everyday with innocence,
You respect each day with curiosity and energy,
You are genuine and kind and caring,
You are the highest ideal and you are the best of real,
You are the Angel we dream of and hope for—
You are a miracle to me and many,

You are Love incarnate and perfect beauty! 

#poetry - My Valentine

For Gabriella, love Robert,

With every step I take, I think of you,
Wherever I go, whatever I do,
I love to see you when I wake up,
I love to see you when I go to bed,
I love you every hour between, with or without make up
I shall love you always until the day I am dead;
But for all the time we have, between now and then,
I am so thankful it’s you,

my Love, my Partner, my Friend!

#poetry - Thus Spoke the Robot

i am busted loose some times
my program strings come undone
then i am a honey bun

you feel yourself the same way
and we are then harmony
and what follows is our one true chord

this could be on any day
but living once it lives forever
for our waves may never diminish

but echo out infinitely
our celebration of each other

#poetry - "To Your Golden Age Approaching"

My dear, you are stunning in your myriad way,
Your world within, your world without;
The warmth and radiance of what makes today
Is becoming your gold, you cannot doubt.

The path you have taken has had many turns,
The people you have loved, all the joys and sorrows,
The places you have been; and travels you yearn,
Are all here today and becoming your tomorrows.

You are a monarch of love in all your worlds,
You are a spire of strength, an example to many,
You have kindness for all while your wisdom unfolds,
You have peace any day, you are often ready.

Remember to love and that you are much loved,
Remember to be yourself always, that you are above.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

#poetry #lyrics - hey hey

oooh oooh
hey hey

the garbage pale hears you
say they
the subject who nears you
the garden gnome pay day
the garden gnome pay day

oooh oooh
hey hey

the veil lift terrific
for some
to transform a mission
you go
the prophet of judgment day
the prophet of judgment day

oooh oooh
hey hey

the fish looks delicious
can't wait
to dig in and holiday
to stay
you got it so now you pray
you got it so now you pray

#poetry #lyrics - Rock Christ

wreck the light house shipman calling
over memory of my bird man flight
i'm still a moment before realizing that
all my situations have come done

the moment doesn't seem too fine or blurry
i'm just sitting well i'm feeling right
that's what i figure it to be and so
nobody chasing thought to mock it up to knock it down

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round

yeah i'm a white knight throw back with some
mana flowing like zoraster magi from the east
and west it figures you won't recognize me
though you are so blessed to be here in this time

the roses and oh
the sunshine
the holy rain that's coming down

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

you wouldn't see me around town
unless you were sensei
the biggest papa of the day

and then he'd probably say
in case you wonder to your self
believe in god and in one self

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

for the sometimes that you let it be becoming
and the sometimes that you simply be
the harp is strumming beats are drumming
while you sing it loud and to yourself

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

yeah i'm a round
yeah i'm a round, yeah i'm a round

Sunday, February 8, 2015

#poetry - Bodhisattva

Dear Master of the Lodge,
I withdraw my application for one very specific reason--
I am going with bodhisattva,
And I thank you, it was our meeting helped me decide to surrender.

But not to worry,
          I will be in touch,

     Yours always,

#poetry - I am so thankful

I am so thankful to have achieved this state of peace,
The storm that led me here was fierce and long,
I was lost for awhile there and really lost!
The weight so thick and dark but dark hot---
Of remorse and shame and regret and anxiety and fear,
Of random thoughts of better apologies and finer plots,
Of electric sizzle stinging superego and fathoms below suppression spasms,
Of going in and out of having a clue and knowing it for sure only a moment and then not---
Of something so deep and horrid having fallen all over it it nearly killed me with my own hand,
But that it did not and I did linger on awhile long enough to finally settle into the higher gear,
I am so thankful---and I hope the same for you.
Because we have peace between us now, there is no harm exchanged at all now,
So we should be thankful and mindful how we got here and keep repeating those finer steps,
We just have to live in the now
And focus much less on the past or the future--
I'm pretty sure the rest will come to us and while it does we'll be all sorts of fine.

Friday, February 6, 2015

#tpoetry - my tongue lost feeling

Now I'm a gentle humdinger reigning for you
So long my wife don't no me no more
I made a nasty spill on the dirty floor
The room was clock strike daisy the cherry waits
Some kids for breakfast will threaten erection
The moon with overglow has got no more clue
We're sure about the time we could be wrong
If you were keeping a journal the covers
Would be arcs and your fingernails blue
It's fun to be a watcher of a nuclear anus
I wondered for too long my tongue lost feeling

#poetry - Calling the Copts

Nobody better call the Copts on me
They far too cool for your school
They all got things to do better
Not have a to do

I am not fighting mama
I have a surge of the mana
The whole dorn thing has got crazy
Compared to yesterday's lazy

I swear I'll make it to bed
If I don't think myself dead
In this quite earlier hour
I have gone mad with my power

The day has begun like this
How will I have fit my mask tomorrow

#Poetry - Moksha

I've the frequent bouts of prolonged
Motion fainting and consciousness losing
That I am often trying to explain
The experience to myself and others,
But for all the sensations I may
Give a name to there is just one revelation
That calls out from each one--
That as I rise and elevate with haste
I lose nearly all and sometimes all
Memory of this universe and then
By the nanosecond-slowly regain it,
For on account of haste I must return.

I have achieved it.
When you must tell yourself
This is Moksha so it is,
So where am I now?
Maybe I better put my harness back on,
On second thought maybe I don't like this at all,
There that's better a changed subject.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

#poetry #lyrics - only a breath away

you're sad and then you fall
the world around you notices
and when they come to call
you push away

and then you run and hide
in your favorite place
as you always run and hide
to your favorite place

it was just a game at first
now you're noticing too late
this place does you no good
you're feeling down misplaced

but where to go from here
you wonder
where to go
oh hear me dear

go to your mental notes
and go to your gentle friend
then go to a group and go to a group
and go to a group again

to let it out out out
oh let it out out out

and listen now
and listen now

there's more to you
there's more for you
this world's for you
with love for you

and we're only a breath away
yes only a breath away
only a breath away
we love you
only a breath away
yes we love you

so listen to me now my dear
all that you have to do
all that you have to do is
all that you have to do
all that you have to do is

keep breathing
keep breathing
keep breathing
just keep breathing

keep breathing
keep breathing
keep breathing
just keep breathing and

our love is soon to find you
as you are
our love will surely find you
as you all of you are

our love is soon to find you
as you are
our love will surely find you
as you all of you are

our love is soon to find you
as you are
our love will surely find you
as you all of you are

just as you are

#lyrics #poetry - So you'll be here tomorrow

I just called to say
I'm with you now
I'm here today

I feel this way for you
And I always have

I'm asking for
The friend in you
To be here too

I want to sing with you
So here we go

We have to say no
to our inner crazy
makeshift glory

We have to say yes
to the love we share
and the times we can have

My mind is made up
Our mind is made up

I know we can do this
I know we can
I know we can do this
If you sing with me now

I'll give you all my voice today
so you'll be here tomorrow

I'll give you all my voice today
So you'll be here tomorrow

I'll give you all my voice today
So you'll be here tomorrow

Sunday, February 1, 2015

#poetry - Said they, the Christian rows and crews

Said they, the Christian rows and crews---
So when I told you I would part the waves of the storm
And then a storm did come, and you thought it might have been
Because when I said it you knew I sounded unsure,
It wasn't that. It was only because I could see yet then far enough to the second storm,
I knew was coming and I knew it was that one must be parted,

And so it has
And I am Christian

But that does not mean I row and crew anything,
Because I simply thought it, and so it was

#poetry - Says One Lord of Mind to Another

Jesus Christ, John,
I knew this was going to happen,
They think they are kidnapping us,
And they think we're going to play along--
I mean sure it's fun, but should we really?
What's the point? They're dead already.

Friday, January 30, 2015

#poetry - A Healthy Mission Statement

Today, I rank my mood at about an eight,
I know it's not a ten because the lights would be flickering,
But it's pretty good and smooth and must be up there.

But I'm going to come out and tell this now---
I've been going at this conservatively, taking my time,
Babying myself as needed and as I still do,
But that's it, even though I could use more, it's done---
Finito! This is me getting back on my feet, right now.

I declare it, regardless of any fear I might have about falling again,
Or bothering you in some way, or over doing it in some way,
Speaking and thinking only for myself and nothing toward
What you are capable of, though you are much a part of this too---
So yeah, move over rover cause I just ain't got time for depression no more,
Not now, I've got things to do, starting today! Starting right now.

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