Monday, November 10, 2014

#poetry - The Luckiest

one is the luckiest
two is the luckiest
three is the luckiest
four is the luckiest
five is the luckiest

six is the luckiest
seven is the luckiest
eight is the luckiest
nine is the luckiest
ten is the luckiest

one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten
                 is the luckiest

one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten
                 is the luckiest

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#poetry - Mistah Imascareyou

i don't know though but how bout you
i'm a rollo in the morning dew
i don't know though another clue
minor toll so i make for you

wouldn't you hide it
where i couldn't find it
sneaky denies it
we're gonna ride it

rupert machenzie
found his machete
way out on the jetty
look at him, freddie

ima gonna make you
smile tonight
shake off your lion
we're behind
this don't wanna grab you
take me down
mistah imascareyou

this don't wanna grab you
take me down
mistah imascareyou

this don't wanna grab you
take me down
mistah imascareyou

mistah imascareyou
mistah imascareyou
mistah imascareyou
mistah imascareyou

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#poetry - Isabella Coconut

Isabella Coconut went too far!
She couldn't find her car, car, car.
Stood there, sat there, laid there, slept,
In the morning she wept, wept, wept!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#poetry - watching the shop

get dope, get stoned
eat your moonshine today
don't go to sleep if you want to wake up
there's no stopping there's no stopping
who's not watching the shop
he's the one who's in charge
he's out back with Aunt Marge
we got sick but really we are okay

tell me my friend oh and tell me again
where's the trouble in a bubble
if it bursts its just a hustle
yes and its my turn to speak
i am climbing to the peak
are you coming or just humming
i can't tell we're in an oven
and we're looking back on all we said

when i'm alone i am riding at home
while you're out there in the fog
so far from your lucky star
i can't take it no more
we've got bats at our door
and they're knocking and they're knocking
but we won't go out with nothing
so we rally round the fire we made

and its like i reach out reach out
get it when i reach out
make it what i want it to be
and how hard is it to try
its just the lack that makes us cry
swear yourself into a tapestry
hanging out a tassel and all over the castle
connect ceiling to floor and ignore the hassle

and while you sing
you will say
while you sing
all you say is
get dope
get stoned
eat your moonshine

Friday, August 29, 2014

#poetry - any folly that follows

your dreams are not your fantasies
the conscious mind is not asleep

you wake a part of you you cannot explain
that gets up and goes walking while you are asleep

and whatever comes about from this
at most can only stir the pool of emotion

but never be a burden like consequence
for never qualifying as action dreams are

but when you are awake and thinking
like you are dreaming you make fantasies

come straight out of a conscious mind
but play out of a cerebral thesis statement

where you posit an assumption and ply your test
and so you never get let off the hook for any folly

that follows

Monday, August 25, 2014

#poetry - no wonder

well i'm close

to be sure i

to be sure i a i, i a i, i a i

the hunger is slumber is forever
 is no wonder
is to ponder
is much longer
there's some thunder
it contagious
  i'm a spray can
there a first man
in a collar
for a dollar
 you can see him

he's a gold tin
   with a cold gin
and a tin can

he's the first man
he's the first man

and no wonder
and no wonder
and no wonder
and no wonder
and no wonder
and no wonder
and no wonder
and no wonder

Sunday, July 20, 2014

#poetry - The Mirror's Calling

"The Mirror's Calling"

The starlet
dropped a painting's
light deep into her eye---
and it was just all then

yet unabated,
on its way the otherside---
      The Mirror's calling.

Oh Scarlet,
stop your painting,
night is ready to fly
and you should come soaring

and with breath baited,
to find that all you hide
is just your all-knowing

going nowhere
no one knows---
no one knows where
no one goes.

The farthest
you've ever gotten
is that truth you deny
the moment it's falling

and concentrated---
that is how you abide
the mirror's calling

going nowhere
no one goes---
no one goes where
no one knows.

Scarlet run,
time is almost done
for starlet and for sun.

Call everyone,
the end has just begun
and run Scarlet run

going nowhere
no one knows,
no one knows where
no one goes---

run run run!
run Scarlet run!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

#poetry - cold artificial damn distance

you tried to call me
several times
i answered and hung up

i got your message
got the point
the boiling of the moment
came full body

i'm staying out now
not coming home
it's best you drink some tea

so turn in early
get some rest
tomorrow is so charming
we'll try again

secret keeping alerts us
while agony awakes us
the messages we send half-hearted
encases all our thoughts half-thought

the burning of our real desires
subdued by our pride and egos
keeps us loving while we're parted
and hurting every second--for what?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#poetry - tremors and aftershock

I saw there was an innocence in you
I couldn't think of what else I could do
When I was near you I was very high
I kept on wondering why I wondered why

Somehow you saw the marvelous in me
It took your breath and took your everything
You didn't know you loved a sinking stone
You gave it all to make a happy home
You gave it all to make a happy

home is where i came to know you
inside your mind inside your heart
the most i ever hoped for happened
all from your mind all from your heart

tremors now and aftershock echoing woes
of photographs and fading scents on clothes

I never stopped believing in your love
It always found me lifting me above
I went out backwards the same way I had came
But this time seeking out the sound of your name

You took your time but you got over me
What once was yours became a memory
The years came rolling on like ocean foam
You got your wish you made a happy home
You got your wish you made a happy

home is where i think about you
treasuring your mind treasuring your heart
there's nothing that could ever love more
beside your mind beside your heart

i hope forever there will be space for me
inside your mind inside your heart
i hope forever you will be happy
inside your mind inside your heart

tremors still but after shock it glows
the wonder of you never fades it flows
the wonder of you never fades it flows
the wonder of you never fades it flows

#poetry - thinking man

hey man hold that pose forever
that upward gaze, that thinking crown
dream a spring to close the distance
savor what is now

you'll meet again, and there'll be laughter
this moment is not so long

let's feel the breeze, it softly blows
nature is free, and so we go

Saturday, June 7, 2014

#poetry - puffins

when i first came to this earth
i only thought about two things
to have sex with beautiful women
and how to eat a puffin

its high time
i eat a puffin

Saturday, May 31, 2014

#poetry - negotiating alternatives

all life is a negotiation
i am going to negotiate my way out of this one
as i have negotiated my way into it

we're not to be made feel ashamed of who we are
especially when we find out who we truly are
especially then are we to be proud and stand

so then there is this where the strength and surety
comes from to inform our mind with insight
and invigorate our heart to put forward a suggestion

and if there are counter thoughts to the contrary
we'll be good and strong enough to hear them
and either find a way to rebut or to compromise

but we will not sail into a pit feeling with remorse
nor feel a way of dullful rejected acceptances
or allow a whole wide promising venture to die

not without a fight of geniune witty stubborn
stalwart gripping evasive thwarting exciting
strange unconventional defiance of normality alternatives

#poetry - stopping ingenuity

i guess we build up or would it be down
there's more than one way to go
if you think about it often enough
and if you don't think someone thinks for you

i took a while to make myself up
and i did and i was grand and that was good
anyone could see and they knew and this felt fine
each of those moments were why life is so important

every picture has a highlight and a shadow
and sometimes someone comes to me asking advice
and sometimes i bring them through a journey
of building up and down until they buy my lines

where do these lines come from i never wonder
they come from the place i came from to begin with
am i ever to feel that i am not right for loving that
only for the longest moment and only for the longest moments

and before and after these sometimes i go to another
and walk on the lot and into the shop and therefore
i am sprung in another's trap and captured there to hear
the sounds of true words and see images of flowing beauty

another's innocence or that kind of portrayal
or beyond a skeptical sense an innocence of another kind
and there i will bask for the glory of it taking it all in
and letting it soak and become me and allowing myself to be sold

but are we ever truly sold or truly able to sell
when where it comes from is flowing and not stable
when where it all comes from is always on the move
to keep on making and making new always without end

oh holy god i am so tired and yet still young
and i know nothing is guaranteed not middle not old
and that there is no going back even for breath
but that why would you has an answer undoing everything

and that standing still doing nothing is possible
beyond the alarms of the mind ringing out for action
there is a stopping of the gears halting ingenuity
life is so important even if you make nothing

what you do for life what would you do for life
would you come to me now for i am failing
or let me know again and again what else there is
beyond and beyond that till the beyond runs out of itself

a loop a loop again a loop there there where where
growing is not what is happening what is happening
is only a happening whether up or down shivering
and whether words have meaning or not meaning or not

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#poetry - all he could remember

molly bloom must be what happens when a woman has sex
and she just rambles on and she just keeps going and going
and when she's going she's thinking and that's what
must be why she takes so long to come and why i am thinking about it so much

i'm going out she said i'm going out i'm going out
and i saw there was something to smoke in her hand
and i decided to go out too and so i thought hard for a moment
i just needed to stand and walk and so i stood and walked
and i could be having something of a staring contest
with the left side of my brain waiting for the rightful thoughts
to take their place on the side mountain of my creative notions
there to be thwarted by the staccato signature noises of the tapping of my shoe

but i couldn't answer her when she asked me what am i in the mood for
i couldn't even too quickly realize the subject was music
sweet music the kind that would augment my inner killing inner killing
the kind that would take my uhh and make it ahh make it ahh
and who could be calling me right now at 10:30
she says i shouldn't answer but then pretends for that person
she knows what they were going to say and then tells me its private
and cannot be shared which is fine because i was feeling a little reserved anyway

and i turned my head when the lightning came to be one great part of the sky
before the music fading made a few non fading noises to waken what was fallen
and moving once or moving twice it came for me and i didn't mind it all
because there was only some child's notion in me that what was happening
should not be happening everything else was well I was okay with it
and so i nodded and tapped my toes on the wood and didn't feel it but saw it
and then the wine needed sipping but that came before another drag and got in the way
and took a little longer than usual which was fine it needed to happen
and then that drag which reminds me there was a captain of a company
and there was a moment when he put the light in her face which was all he was supposed to do
and he realized this and that was the missing ingredient in his mind
and then he knew that was all he was supposed to do
even if it took him another year or lifetime or eternity
even if it was only once every shaking of the earth that he brought the light to her face
that was all and he took another drag and another sip and the lightning came again
and then the music fading got smoother and that was all he could remember

Sunday, May 4, 2014

#poetry Available

A concise night.
A friend's birthday, and we crawled--
at first venue, a little wine,
At second, beer.

Driving alone home,
My hands and fingers wander
A backseat stash

The plastic bag shrouds two water bottles--
and after a minute fumbling for one,
I settle for what's more available.
And opening, I pause,
thinking should have tried harder for the other.
An extended career of taking Available.

Father John says that
Matthew's disciples say that
Matthew said that
Jesus said that
just as birds can take from trees
and find all they need upon the ground
in a field of flower and grass,
so shall we find all we need
in the Abundance, that is available.

If any part of this sounds ridiculous,
There's still always the second water bottle,
entwined in plastic,
accessible only to those who pull over the car
turn on a light
and figure the situation out.

I choked a little and puked a little
while composing thse thoughts.

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Simple and Timeless #Truth

You dont need a silver spoon
When you've got a heart of gold.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Your reach never exceeds your grasp
Your mind is always alert and prepared
More than sufficient are you for this day

                In body, mind and spirit.

Monday, April 7, 2014

#poetry - A word

Tremble for the verses or 
throw down and exhaust all care.
There may be a kernel left
to etch a word with,
and that would be a poem.


Friday, March 14, 2014

#fiction - On Pissing at the Girls Room

I was standing in line at the Druid, waiting for my turn in the men's room.

I wandered in thought.

Thinking about an Irish musician who said Paris is where he will be for St Patrick's day "Because that is where the money is."

It was taking the first gentleman extra long, so as I thought out things that had to do with the Irishman's proclamation, I drifted toward the door marked "Women"

I opened the door and moved to step in. But an arm extended in front of me. A women started talking.

"You cant go in there, its the ladies room."

I responded,

"I'd be rich if I had a dollar every-time a woman came out of the men's room."

"That's different," she said dismissively.

"Why? It may be true that I piss straighter than most women."

She waved her hand and responded, 
"I could piss any way I want as long as the seat is up and no one would notice."

I looked at the man standing next to this woman, he smiled. I looked back at her,

"That's great, but I'm still going in there."

She asked

"Do you like this place, yes or no?"


"Yes or no?"

"I don't have time for this."

"Because I like it, I live here. It's my favorite place.  And if you go in there, you'll violate them on the sanitary code."

"Sanitary code? What are you, Health Department?"

"Yes, I am."

"Here in Cambridge?"

"No, Boston."

"What's your name?"


I took out and passed her my business card.

"Kelly, my name is Robert. I've been in ten thousand Boston apartments. You are doing a horrible job."

"Well that's residential. I'm commercial."

"Oh really. You know one time I made my entire class raise their hand without saying a word by just raising my hand and leaving it up."

She looked at the fella she was with and said

"You know, one time, in band camp--"

I cut her off---

"It has nothing to do with band camp. It has to do with black mold in bathrooms, bed bugs in the bedrooms, vegetation growing on the walls in the living room, and 16 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment. Among other things."

"But that's residential, I'm--"

"Set a proper example in one segment of the market, it affects the other segment. Do that. Now excuse me."

I stepped toward the woman 's bathroom again , and again Kelly's arm went up to block me. She said

"If you go in there, you will violate the Druid."

I looked at her arm then into her eyes. I pointed at the sign "Women."

"You see this sign? Well 'A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.' And that comes from Gertrude Stein, the most femi-nazi of all y'all. So, I'm cool. Good night."

Her arm dropped. I brushed past her, stepped into the Women's room, closed the door. I proceeded to piss straight into the bowl. My piss stream landed in the very center of the water and stayed on target. My piss never touched porcelain, only Cambridge City Water. I used a wad of toilet paper to flush the toilet and the same wad to open the door. I did not wash my hands because they only touched my clean dick.

Kelley was gone when I came out. The man she was with was still there. He shrugged. I finished my drink, paid my tab, walked home, ate peanut butter and fell asleep watching True Detective.

#poetry ? How it gets done in #CambridgeMA


Quiet gets you the job, raise, promotion, and equity
          A fish would love.

So can't be hard to tell. Anyone knows who you are.

Fourth grade guerrilla warrior tells her mama she's not happy.
Mom tweets discontent, hashtag elite.
           A pizza shop shuts down for good.

Meanwhile, Alderman. A room of architects.
           One sheet in hand for liquor.
           An easel with rustic things upon it.
           Slightly concerned but willing not to be.

Right things are said. But let's meet again, in Korea.
                The taxi knows only 3 streets.
                 Left, Right, Straight.

You can't pay or get out. But be quiet.

High five, rare coin.
A 4 story building thought too hard.
A 4 alarm fire man saved the day
A 4 star hotel noticed.
Who doesn't like the number 4, Cap?
          There's insurance for that.

A sealed envelope is very pretty.
         Connecticut is nice as well as Hong Kong.

-Inman 46:1

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