Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#poetry - Bedtime

Crawling up upon me though I have somethings to do--
The hours have gone past midnight time to put it all away
Despite the hardness of the morning many good things await
And in the meanwhile is your warm and cozy bed
And all the dreams that rattle round your cozy sleeping head
So get yourself up off that chair and get yourself to sleep
And not another sound about it I mean not one more peep

Monday, January 12, 2015

#poetry - reciting memorized eternity

So show me some of this eternal meaning
If you dare summon the thing in yourself
I tell you we were meant only to try
And to nurse each other through each attempt

We've got to make ourselves tired make ourselves quit
Too potent the draw too coursing its life

I push the cart through each aisle each side blurred but understood

We'll eat sand from a sand box and tell ourselves it's spaghetti
Domina rose and bird flew domina rose and fell
Tree farmer sings but he's only a lonely grower
And it's so long till the next life how bout another song

I wonder if things that eat things alive do so
Because they don't know how to kill or not
But to try and vary the ways you before you
Eat a thing and make it your own rip it apart

I push the cart as I go while i sit in a wheelchair too
Our thoughts are not what determines next but
Memory reciting memorized eternity
As we are and as I am always

I forget and then I need to know and feeling is the appreciation
Not of new but for Memory decays to grow so recalls to show
Smelling the ice cubes tells of the demon you've captured
There is no sense in time unless there is

When sea gulls float against the wind and sun and sky

#poetry - Leo

When there is nothing left for you to conquer
You may then only conquer your will
To get up and flee before you freeze to death
In a place and at a time you are
Miles and hours from care and help

Sunday, December 28, 2014

#poetry - oh you ugly

oh, you ugly

you sticking what you thinking
its out there and its waving
like a flag like a flag
like a flag like a flag
cause its you

you got it up there high
the air it likes to fly
and its waving and its waving
and its waving and its waving
like you care

you signal and you blare
your words are burning flair
oh my god oh my god
oh my god oh my god
would you please

just get out of my face
you're right there in my face
oh you ugly oh you ugly
oh you ugly oh you ugly
one two three

just get out of my face
just get out of my face
oh you ugly oh you ugly
oh you ugly oh you ugly
would you please

Friday, December 26, 2014

#poetry - Black Sting in Mitosis

I got a sting in mitosis,
About my ears and my noses.
Such a hazy psychosis,
I wear my mom's panty hoses.

  Moses    shows his
  Holy   roses.

  Marbles  stop my
  runny    noses.

  Fingers  seper-
  ates my  toeses.

  I's and  me's and
  My psy   chosis.

Black nylon for hoses.
Black red buds on roses.
Black blood lines the noses.
Black sting in mitosis.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#poetry - Between the Bushes

Haze-blue at high noon, in the park
We lay like roasting peanuts
On a smooth brown cotton blanket.

I, on my stomach with mouth
buried into my folded arms,
laughed at your clever jokes.

You on you back with legs bent,
one crossed over the other,
Form golden slides for golden rays.

We soak and slurp this lazy noon.
Oil lakes collect deep in your navel
And shallow at the small of my back.

The white gray city looms over us,
White haze, metal and stone,
Penetrates our green grass haven--

Back Bay fens, park and glade,
Of muddy pond and Muddy river,
Of dirt paths and idle grass.

Here we stake our claim.
On even cut grass we lay
And close our eyes and listen.

A regular clink of bat and ball,
da-dunk da-dunk of ball and court,
slurk-slurk of skate and walk.

Dog barks, dogs bark, dogs are playing.
Children talk, children laugh,
boys are laughing, one girl screams.

Lovers giggle and lovers giggle,
lovers make sound. Lovers and their baby,
Lovers and their children, they whisper secrets.

Feet drag on even cut grass,
Ploosh-slucking feet in swamp muck and
Plink-plinking pebbles in the pond.

I open my eyes, a world of green
Fights a world of blue, white haze mediating
we are baking as witnesses.

All colors, all warmed and golden flesh,
All Back Bay fens, all a sun loved day,
All sound and scent, all bodies, dance.

Clear clean cut grass, hazy smokey skyline,
Burning black path and ruddy mud pond,
Oh the stalky garden, and there between dark bushes

Colors dances, fight and mingle,
Like business on a trading day,
as floral bloom in this heat of spring.

My chest is heavy with my own weight,
I raise myself and sit on my feet
And laugh again at this comedy.

Bushes now twitter across the path
With a man between the bushes, twittering,
A gawker dark-loving everything he sees.

"Why do we come here?" I ask you,
"This place is full of freaks."
"Its warm" you say, "and quaint..."

Your eyes are closed but mine are not,
and yet you are right, it is warm.
So I and another man, clear out those bushes.
    ...and now it is quaint.

Monday, December 22, 2014

#poetry - about tomorrow

of my writing of my life
i have stalked myself so long
to find at last i can relax
and breathe a true confession
i know i'm not where i want to be
and know i don't know how to get there yet
but i like where i am right now
so i will enjoy it while it lasts
and not worry about tomorrow

Sunday, December 21, 2014

#poetry - angel's descent

when i step from this space balloon,
seventy-five thousand feet above earth,
i am alone in the cosmos.

a gamma ray chorus tingles my ear drums,
a wild ice bursts my finger tips,
a faint cinnamon scent, gathering moisture,
hyper-ventilating in my face mask—-

but when i step, i spring
     this fatal swan dive.

caught in the lightest air,
an extreme atmosphere, thin,
where no sense of motion or weight
feathers my arching body
and gives no resistance to my entry.

there comes now a myriad thrill,
a rainbow stinging of dots in my eyes
flashing of vision.

i behold a third of the earth's surface,
the rockies, the andes, timeless glory, rust on a car,
florida's phallic thrust into a gaping gulf
brazil's bulging belly, fertile, alive
a pock-marked and nuked nevada desert, thirsty for my blood.

what brought upon this lonely height
and spurred the first step of this launch—-
why does an angel descend, a wingless final flight?

a sure understanding of abandon,
felt for a moment, so then felt forever,
   abandon, a ceaseless wrench of the abdomen,
   an invitation to nevermore.

when i knew how
you turned away
and that was all

but now in my whirring glee, dream or ecstasy,
where my life winds down by terminal velocity,
six hundred miles an hour pushing earth to this body,
i see your face again in these clouds

above wyoming
which would be a fine place to go.

you smile your kind carefree way.
i feel it, even of clouds,
your face melts my core.

what have i done?
what have we done?
done is done.

to give you space, i floated to heaven,
but staring only at heaven,
by long and lonely ascent,
wears on my life's purpose.

i miss you

so i have jumped
from my space balloon,
and now born of this heaven,
without wings,
i loom for a short while
over the world of men.

i fall to a place you may find,
by then a grave of sand,
with a canyon of stone at my head.

Monday, December 15, 2014

#poetry - Friend

When I rise its only for a moment I'm alone,
and then the fog of sleep is clearing,
and then the weight of day comes bearing,
but with it too is knowing you are with me.

Chugging along, just chug chugging along.
Its something more than that though!
and I know you know it too and so
we're grooving on up and down and around.

You make me jump right out of my skin--
you've done this before, you'll do it again.
You drive me crazy, but that's not a sin!
I holler at you cause you are my friend.

Where we're going and where we've been
is all the same to me and it is all the world.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

#poetry - on climbing the mountain

days are rolling from the past
four leaf clover in a cast
then i was young and innocent

by the mountains i would climb
i was learning about time
the summit was where my mind was

now i'm looking all around
cloudless daylight coming down
and i gave my all to be here

i feel precious i feel good
i feel greatly understood
but nothing survived my childhood
nothing survived my childhood

Friday, December 5, 2014

#poetry - bum fight over cigarettes

the bums came out of no where
i was holding a coffee and taking a drag
three inches right in front of me
they started to nag
can we have a cigarette we are from the street
i took a sip of coffee
and i said no you can't
i'm smoking all these cigarettes
i need them for me
the shorter fatter stronger one took off his hat
he said we're not asking you
the taller skinny darker one was holding onto a bag
he said you better give it up
i took another drag
and i tried to sip the cup
when the strong one swung at my head
he missed and knocked the cigarette out of my mouth
i threw hot coffee in his face
and flung him all about
pushed his head into the wall
and threw him hard to the ground
i stomped him and i kicked his head
and looked for the other one
he had bolted out of sight and was long gone
the white guy struggled to his feet
he might have fought more
i said this is for a cigarette
just walk away while you can
he thought a moment and did just that
i could tell he walked the wrong way though
after a few minutes he came back
but crossed the street and kept walking on
he did not look back
he called out the black guy's name
but no one was there to call back
then a cop pulled someone over to the side of the road
and the whole sky was black and blue

#poetry - Shabda

i am my higher self
my heart is leading me on
no form of feeling or desire
by love and charity i heal

i am the lord of speech
and dear to women
my presence controls your senses
at will i enter and leave my body

         Shabda O Shabda

#poetry - anahata

shake shake shake shake

i don't want to tell you
what you cannot believe
the future creature comes to get you
when you deceive
a rollercoaster is the way
you all can appear
to hold the moment closer closer
as no one here

ho, hold me tight
oh, we're all right
ho, hold me tight and ho

shake shake shake shake
oh my god it's happening

quaking in my fourth chakra
better than disaster
i am unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten
i am living anahata

shake shake shake shake

scary is a question and funny an answer
are we prey, no we are hunters
blowing Sie sind das un wir sind
die jager, die jager, die i i i
what is taking us so long
when all around us begs to hurry
hop along now little one
the question scary answer funny

ho, hold me tight
oh, we're all right
ho, hold me tight and ho

shake shake shake shake
oh my god it's happening

quaking in my fourth chakra
better than disaster
i am unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten
i am living anahata

shake shake shake shake

#poetry - alpha and alpha

[written a long while ago]

wave upon wave upon wave---
save me, oh lord, save me!
               i am, i am.
anoint me, anoint me!!
         je suis, je suis,
hey zeus creasy! define order!
define love! define life everlasting!

what is supreme? what is eternal?
and why do we stand around
and wait for the end? why?
but to pretend we know
the first two answers
like a summation problem.

the back of the book holds the answer,
just as well as the front of the book
holds the oil of your fingers' print.
living teeming oil
brought up from the soil,
inorganic matter and charged energy,
to tell in certain form
the answer is wrong
               if you are dead!

what is more absurd than what pascal said,
his wager against all doubt?
to be a lemming on the edge of a cliff
and not wonder a thought for a dip.

ambol along then and gamble away!
most would agree life is a river winding
from source to delta
with escaping vapor, exciting ether

dust in a soundless cloud

Thursday, December 4, 2014

#poetry - it keeps us going

so busy
we've got many
things to do

so busy
we've got all
kinds of things

that keep us going
and keep us busy

that trooper
over there
he's been watching
over there

non-stop watching
oh hey trooper
always on
and always watching

he keeps ups going
while we're marching

when calling
so and so
we must tell him
to be good

hey be good
so and so
we must tell him
or he won't be

we keep on going
and going for good

up and down
and left and right
odd are carols
we be singing
at all hours
how we're feeling

in and out
and all around
let's be honest
you love wonder
in the tempest
that you ponder

drown drown drown drown
come down down down

drown drown drown drown
come down down down

come down

oh moksha comes and
your head light shows when
you feel yourself then
lift off your toes and

away you go
away you go

away you go
away you go

Saturday, November 29, 2014

#poetry - there was a Rose

there was rose
who knows my toes
they glow
held in a room
essential perfume

the door was closed
they thought they
had the time
yet we were close
so everything
did shine

i saw the waves
heat rising from
my body
i heard your voice
you knew we
had no body

there was a rose
a mystical
it had a scent
though i
had had no nose

this was a heaven
we had opened
the door
i heard a voice
looking around
for more

the voices came
with lots of ruin
for questioning
too much what we were doing
they should have braced
the voyage we were taking
if they had loosened up
we'd still be sailing

oh well we had it then
although we lost it later
i am happy to have been there
and able to be martyr
and though the truth about it
they will not utter
yet there still remains in my heart
the scent of that great Other

there was a Rose
there was a Rose
a mystical Rose

there was a Rose
there was a Rose
a mystical Rose

#poetry - come help me with a song

oh music come and save me now
I am running hard and long
I am running from old memory
I will soon be overcome

I saw the end of family
I saw the end of all
so I need a new memory
help me make it with a song

help me heal
oh help me love
help me now oh music
come help me with a song

Monday, November 10, 2014

#poetry - The Luckiest

one is the luckiest
two is the luckiest
three is the luckiest
four is the luckiest
five is the luckiest

six is the luckiest
seven is the luckiest
eight is the luckiest
nine is the luckiest
ten is the luckiest

one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten
                 is the luckiest

one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten
                 is the luckiest

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#poetry - Mistah Imascareyou

i don't know though but how bout you
i'm a rollo in the morning dew
i don't know though another clue
minor toll so i make for you

wouldn't you hide it
where i couldn't find it
sneaky denies it
we're gonna ride it

rupert machenzie
found his machete
way out on the jetty
look at him, freddie

ima gonna make you
smile tonight
shake off your lion
we're behind
this don't wanna grab you
take me down
mistah imascareyou

this don't wanna grab you
take me down
mistah imascareyou

this don't wanna grab you
take me down
mistah imascareyou

mistah imascareyou
mistah imascareyou
mistah imascareyou
mistah imascareyou

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#poetry - Isabella Coconut

Isabella Coconut went too far!
She couldn't find her car, car, car.
Stood there, sat there, laid there, slept,
In the morning she wept, wept, wept!
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