Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hysteria - Denver's Premier Sex Boutique

In Denver there is only one independently owned sex shop, called Hysteria. Hysteria is a progressive, feminist owned and operated boutique. Its owner, Elizabeth Hauptman, has created a non-judgmental environment that fosters sexual openness where its customers can easily find information and products that may seem taboo elsewhere. These customers also enjoy a well-lit, well decorated and clean in-store atmosphere that "you can visit without feeling like you have to wash your hands after you leave!"
Additionally, the owner of Hysteria is proud to offer her patrons something that only one other sex shop in the United States can offer in addition to the traditional array of books, DVDs, and safe sex supplies. Hysteria offers progressive erotic accessories that utilize medical grade non-porous materials which will not transmits a sexually transmitted disease. Most people do not realize the risk they run using erotic accessories that are made with porous materials---the risk is high. Do not take that risk.
Visit the Baker neighborhood in Denver. Stop at 114 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80209, call 303-733-3373 or visit the website ---especially if you intend to keep well by the shop's motto "The pursuit of pleasure for its own sake."

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