Friday, February 12, 2010

superhero stomp

here's a song about superheroes---
sometimes i like to fight bad guys,
sometimes i am the bad guy
                   and you can tell when
my hair is messy then
my face unshaven
my clothes are three days old
my language is cold
                   a sign of bad times
three days in the making
three days since i stood naked
a shower, a shave, hair with gel
oh when i am good, you can tell
but when i am bad you can
i stay at home all day
and all night i stay out
one day though, i managed it right
and went for a little walk
the day was warm, clear, and bright
but i was itching for a fight.
good thing i had my memory
                oh memory, sing for me:
o i went out for a little walk
i saw superman, began to talk
superman you're really gay
why do you comb your hair that way
why do you wear those little tights
doesn't help you win your fights
why do you wear that silly cape
gonna be a problem when you try to escape
scape, scape, scape
then he ate, ate, ate
all my hate, hate, hate
it felt great, it felt great
and then i let him
                    fly away.
well the day was still young so i moved on,
until spiderman saw me and tried to run,
spiderman, you can't run away
don't go, why don't you stay
all the papers said you were brave
battles you win, people you save
you like to fight bad guys, that right
well that's good for me, my delight
light, light, light
we had a fight, fight, fight
it felt right, it felt right
and then i let him
                    limp away.
so the day grew wan, the street lights on
batman and robin saw me coming
but they didn't try to run away
is that so, you won't go, are you crazy
they said, heroes don't fight heroes
you're a villain, through and through
yeah so, whatcha gonna do, kill me?
solid atoms batman, for gotham city!
tea, tea, toast and tea
i had my spree, spree, spree
brought me glee, so much glee
i didn't let them
                     drive away. 
it was night time now, light was upside down
and i was spinning through my grinning
thinking all about my sinning,
the city lights are bright, they'll keep me up all night
and i'm all giddy in this city
the warm blood on my hands glistening
if you're a superman, or you're a spiderman
here's fair warning, in the morning
i will beat you, beat you, beat you
i will beat you, beat you, beat you
and then i will
                     walk away.

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