Sunday, July 18, 2010

consumer deadt

"consumer deadt"

let us poked our uranium
into your dense electron cloud
on off peak hours yes, just as
mr. safety officer retired night

when this cloud we hire bursted
yellow   orange   red    white---
Eureka! you all let escape, but
we no cry for those who are lost!

we have cataclymed a new race,
we harnessed a mass lot, see here---
for thirty percent, get best work each
and no one need die by bullets! see?

we reap lender's reward? yes, sure
true too, we face tired shameful
mass, comprising negative worth.
rather our force to push, yours pull.

in debt even dead, your army
your electorate, useless now, (he-he)
conquered now---we master holders
of your dead consumer lot---yes!

master is what we said, now on
we masters your living debtors
better know how live for betters.
hey sport, fair fights fairy tale only.

we chinese, we play! we no dumb, 
fishy fishy your whole nation---
and we as one three times your size
we come smiles, we come disguised

we forgive? we no compromise!
come the piper, play monetize
late evening, sun set on your skies
tired you? we just opened our eyes!


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  2. very well, and so i shall follow your blog wherever it may lead. thank you in advance for the invitation. thank you also in hindsight for noticing my blog space.


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