Monday, July 26, 2010

The Red Blue Devil

for S.A.M.

with white shoes' cartwheel
and a cascade of red hair,
blue armor and hands paired
    with sizzle sticks---
she is up to her old tricks.

fire dances with her hips,
fire that takes the form of lips.

she moves in waves like sound
so quick she cannot be found
until she echoes your name
from the bleaches to the ground.

she is the Red Blue Devil
     of your game.
she is the solstice sun
     and the harvest moon.
she is the pre-season rally
     and the homecoming.
a midnight clock screams Tally ho!
     you go out walking slow---
she is fire and ice undone
     she is you and everyone.

go to her before she disappears again.
     let her know she is a friend.

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