Sunday, August 15, 2010

after a brief encounter, after a long time

 in the evening i heard your voice again
there came along your scent and taste and touch---
your skin sweat, your shower breath, your nose kiss.

and with that flush too my shoulder and neck
remembered how your head fit right their nook,
my arms your shoulders, my knees your kneecaps.

my feet then recalled wearing your shoes,
my fingers your fingers, my bones your bones,
my heart fluttered to resync to your heart.

i took off your cap and felt my head round,
my crown your crown, inside the cap i found,
behind a fold, one long strand of your hair

long and brown and, in the lamplight, gold---
so i wove your hair round to a ring i now wear.


  1. Wow! =O

    Amazingly beautiful poem. Is it your voice now? Also really beautiful.


  2. yes---thank you, that's my voice. if you ever wanted to do sound recordings for your blog, go to easy to upload, you can copy and paste a player embed code into any blog post, voila!


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