Thursday, August 19, 2010

"The Giantess" by Charles Baudelaire

"The Giantess" by Charles Baudelaire

translated by William H. Crosby

When time was young and Nature's torrid eagerness
On every day another monstrous child begat,
I would have loved to live with a young giantess,
Luxuriating at her feet, my queen! a lazy cat.

I would have loved to watch her play her boisterous games,
To see her body bloom with life, and to surmise
If ever in her heart there brooded somber flames
Beneath the humid mists that floated in her eyes;

And leisurely along her splendid thighs I'd lope
Or slowly crawl up her enormous knees' steep slope;
Sometimes in summer, when unwholesome suns had dried

Her weary body, stretched across the fields to rest,
I'd nonchalantly snooze in shadows of a breast,
A peaceful village nestled on a mountainside.

The Flowers of Evil (Classic Reprint)

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