Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Bobb Trimble!!

Today is Bobb Trimble's birthday. Happy Birthday Bobb!! I'm not telling how old he is exactly, but his music is timeless.  Who is Bobb Trimble?  He is one of my favorite musicians.  Let's see, there's John Lennon, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Elliott Smith and Bobb Trimble.

I first learned of Bobb Trimble three years ago after my friend Karina DaCosta, of 28 Degrees Taurus, met him during a listening party at The River Gods in Cambridge for Harvest of Dreams and Iron Curtain Innocence.  She heard the music, bought the CDs and played them for me.  I fell in love in the first measure.  

His music is sometimes classified as psychedelic rock, though psychedlic-folk rock may be a more appropriate categorization.  In 1980, Bobb Trimble hailed from Wormtown and was a central figure in the music scene there.  Wormtown is a nickname for Worcester, Massachusetts and is a badge worn with pride by the Wormtown group of musicians who supported each other's development in the early 80s.  Among the group are Bobb Trimble and the Pre-Fab Messiahs

He was quiet for awhile, but Bobb has been active since the re-release of his albums in 2007.  Karina DaCosta is a sometimes vocal guest.  Also you will find Kris Thompson, of Pre-Fab Messiah fame, in Bobb's new line-up.  Bobb's new group is called the Flying Spiders.  Bobb Trimble and The Flying Spiders are playing a show with 28 Degrees Taurus this Saturday at PA's Lounge in Somerville.

Check him out---and for his birthday, and yours, buy his albums. I guarantee you will be happy with the investment.


  1. I've never heard of him, and I do like the other names you mentioned. I'll check him later and find out a little bit more about his music.

    Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. I highly recommend Iron Curtain Innocence. give it a listen when you're free...he's on myspace.


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