Friday, August 27, 2010

Malcyon Descends

"malcyon descends"

and their swords of flame,
which advanced every army
that ever walked this earth,
became unwieldy
grave with anger
rapt with bloodlust
incensed by bloodscent.
what once seemed light and obedient
grew forcefully intense

each sword became the birth of a new star,
brighter, hotter, heavier, more dense---
and like a new star, the swords issued new orders
that burned the dark expanse,
while the cosmos about them churned in response,

"come to me" they said, separate but in time.

and the leaders, the wielders, those dark knights,
saddled on flame shod horse,
were thrown by turn from their dark steeds.
broken necks were wrought for their dark deeds.

with swords aflame and these dark stars amok,
though the dark leaders were blood craving,
the dark leaders' bodies fed the dark star flame---

and then that flash came!
bright as an ethereal dawn,
hotter than a star core
more commanding than the black hole of dreams---
instantly blinded were the armed hordes of man,

the flash!
crippled our will and our willful,
stunned our cunning, and ruled our ruthless.
made children of men standing,
and children stand account for men.

the flash!
snipped our hearing shy of one frequency
and tagged our exposed skin--the blood mark bare!

in that flash!
we became conscripts in a new armed horde.
those who could see without sight saw her descend

Lo! what we saw there---
the seven swords aflame rose high as toward heaven
the seven nation warriors stood still with shame
the seven nations stood naked without warriors
the seven swords that rose converged to one point
and her light craving hand eclipsed that corona
seven dark fingers caressed the hilt
seven more molded the swords flame
and Lo!
her battle axe was born---
seven and seven were clenched into a fist
and Lo!
her battle axe was borne---
and laughter
laughter, laughter, LAUGHTER!
bellowing from every dead belly
ever buried on earth
vomited blood and mud
a torrent of laughter, blood and mud,
rained heavenward till the ground oozed the sky,
in that heat, all became mist and death stench,

hear this now, hear it---
sulfur will have no name now from this time hence
and we will have no other sense for smell---
for sulfuric fury became the rain,

and her voice
coursed through this malevolent fog in waves,
cascades, ricochets, flak bursts, thunderclaps,
of crescendo and decrescendo, of pitch and maw

O Michael, O Lucifer, O God---
for who could see, what we saw!

and the voice we could hear!
an aria of aural agony, as never told nor dreamed,
raped that last frequency left to our ear---

i could see her, my vision clear
a beauty is she---
dark eyes that drank light
dark silken hair
in a long tight braid she wore,
a battle maiden, made for war,
darkly clad with no armor to see
but a bright chalice of blood
emblazoned on her crest
shadowed only by the contours of her breast
a man made minister of grace
body supple, innocent and chaste
shoulders like a steeds
eyes deep, ashes for lashes
and eyebrows keen
two asymmetrical dances of light
danced on either cheek
her bones sharp, her perfect smiling teeth clean.
and when she spoke, she spake as dream---

~my children, my boys, ah my girls---
my fathers and mothers,
my dead and dying, my fairy tale dreamers
and my nightmare marauders, oh my saints and my dear sinners---

you are now my minions and wrath bearers
you are now the excellence of my work
you are now the song of my harp and lyre

i have come to you
this time for the last
with new law to lay upon you

for this i hold that was your swords
is now my axe
and these i command that were your hordes
are now my whores
and this i wage that was your war
is now my chore

so then have at thee, lay down and be still
for this is your end of days
obey me all and i will spare the shadows of you
that i burn into the ground~

and with this final message that came as light
Malcyon came down.

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