Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ode for an israeli apology

my friend muhammad
took an axe in the face
in nineteen forty seven

his daughter was eleven
she watched him die
then was dragged away

her house now israeli
the piano sounds different
but the vineyard still makes wine

i suppose some feel fine
but some still know what they did
to my friend muhammad---taking, sin!

relive how we begin
birth, light, pain, warmth--love!
there is a home for each of us

countless stars make one universe,
one sun one moon one earth,
a life, a death and what comes between---

you know what i mean,
muhammad did not need to die that way---
the sun is bright on any day

which is not to say
god shows favor for
blood spilling land feuds

judgment day shall reduce
us all to the soul's rejoice
in our maker's shade

all while eternal light burns the cavalcade
who murdered, for wealth and land---
why, why? tell us all now why.

muhammad did not have to die

israeli who were grandfathered in,
before god begins again,
please explain that sin.

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