Wednesday, August 11, 2010

portrait of the artist as a young elephant

all my days trodding along
i see my shadow
but never a smile

all my days dusting my skin,
there is work to be done,
i know, and it must be done---

for i remember something important,
i remember the sound
of gabriel's horn.

archangelic trumpets always
reverberate through my tusks,
just as i always stomp along

acknowledging the future
as seen in a past life---
an ilium stands between two moments

a proud beautiful city
that exists nowhere
and never will be somewhere

but still exists
to burn light on my canvass
and move my trunk along it.

in between the moments,
in between the lifetimes,
separating the brush strokes

always and forever heaven calling,
calling to tell me
i am already home.


  1. Absolutely fantastic. Such a unique perspective in this. From an elephants point of view? The artist, the elephant? Or are you discussing heaven as an everlasting memory?


  2. yes, heaven as an everlasting moment, and for the temporal creatures an everlasting memory. there is a concept in Revelations that when the archangelic trumpets blow to sound judgment day, time past, present and future become one. if that day happens ten thousand years from now, because all time on that day is one, all the days of time are one. an angel yesterday is a man today and an elephant tomorrow.

  3. Just beautiful, Oren. I just had to wrap my mind around the magnitude of this piece. Very poignant. Thank you for this.

  4. gratis, Aidys. hope you'll return, i've got miles to go before i sleep on this blog. if you keep a blogroll, link to me when you get a chance and i'll do what i can to keep heaven's gravy flowing on these pages.

  5. I will definitely do this very thing. I would love to feature some of your work on my site as well. Once accepted my editor will complete an author's profile (interview) page along with your accepted submission. Please consider it.

    I will see you again.


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