Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the time-lines are laughter

how hilarious the time-lines can be.
most times i think of time
i think from one or two points of view,
                                    yours or mine.
sometimes i feel good to see We-time.
feels even better, i know now, to see
Non-We time,
                      the voices calling out
from behind a wall or out under a rock,
or remnants of many meals
                      steaming a slow decay.

the We time-line had its downward trend,
                      We-everyone as well as We-us.

Six or sevens months and
We-us wore smiles most of that time,
cried some, but made love right after.

we dreamt and shared,
      we fought and made up
             we were high and low at once
                    We-were We-us, regardless.

Six or seven months months after We-us parted,
i enjoyed an I-me-my burst of laughter
suddenly remembering
              lifting thirty pounds
of dog poop out of the back-yard enclosure

We-us had been too preoccupied,
              i suppose by We-us love,
to take her for a decent walk.

        the time-lines are laughter
for the six or seven months of We-us bliss
              and the thirty pounds of dog shit.

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