Saturday, September 11, 2010

i walk in circles

yes, dad, i walk in circles.
i walk in circles, i talk in circles
because i think in circles.

circles, like lines, are just a series of dots.
the dots, like my thoughts,
recognize the gravity of the subject.

the gravity of the subject is great
and pulls my thoughts to the center
and forms a sphere.

the center of my circles
is the center of my universe
outward this universe tries to grow.

but always there is the center
always i can look to the center
of my universe when i walk in circles.

i do not buy in to the afterlife.
when i try to remember before life,
i come back with void.

before this life, there was nothing of me,
it follows, better than afterlife,
that after life there is void again.

you were alive, dad, but now you are dead.
when i walk in circles, you live again,
and better to be now, than in some afterlife.

so i will walk in circles as long as i can.
i will talk in circles and think in circles.
and one day, i will know what you know now.

until then, there is only the center of my sphere,
and my before life amnesia
and my after life hopelessness.


  1. I enjoyed reading this work immensely. Walking in circles to find yourself, to maintain memories. Which, are indeed fleeting. Then, where do we go from there? Wonderful how you magnify the power of memories. Bravo.

  2. thank you, Sandy. Yes, I imagine thoughts and memories create their own gravity we must orbit for a time. We do we go from there? If we can escape orbit, like Voyager, we move on to the next celestial body and repeat the process...I imagine. There's an argument I like though that we never actually move, if it is true, then this writing concerns the illusion.


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