Friday, September 10, 2010

Poor Burpitted

“Poor Burpitted”

I, Burpitted, burped:
                       "I, Burpitted."

Burpitted, me,
I, the monster Burpitted!
Lazily burped, and said:
                      "You burped, Burpitted."

I Burpitted, high upon my—
"Shaddup, Burpitted!"
                       she said,
So I burped, instead:
                      “I, Burpitted, Fly!”

I, Burpitted, high and burping,
Burp!! Burp-edited:
                      "I, Burpitted, King!”
And burped, again:
                      “I, Burpitted—"

"Shaddup, Burpitted!"
                       she said, again.
So I, burping Burpitted,
                      Dutifully shaddup-pitted.

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