Saturday, September 18, 2010

a prayer before dawn

pray now before dawn comes, i said, and you did.
a garden gnome stood by you.
the night sky was abiding, having worked its own dust.
a slow low cloud train rolled over and on,
and several faces admired you, all wrapped in one.
a rush of wind through the trees
nearly masked the rustling bushes over by the rabbit lair.
my vertigo returned and i at last found the stars.
you spit and just about cleared your knees.
i could feel your heart beating in my throat.
i smeared the dew along the back of my neck.
you touched your forehead to the freshly sown row
then lifted up and genuflected before the tomato wire
and stood beside my fallen body.
we formed an upside down T
and the dirt on your fingertips came between
the immaculate conception of your predawn dreams
and the words you then floated aloud,
           i am heaven, here and now.


  1. Beautiful. I am looking to submit a post of my own to your blog. But, I am afraid, as I am so humbled by your works. What to write? I ask myself, what to say? I think I shall read on awhile and learn from you. Is this okay?

    Brilliant piece, Oren.

  2. what to write, that is the question. what is on your mind? what is in your mind? how did it get there? is it under control or running wild? is there a difference for you between control and wild? and are you in harmony with your surroundings despite your self-understandings or do you feel out of place because of them? and is there a specific real life event emulating any of these questions and answers that you can point to and make an anchor out of? if so, then please do. if not, no bother---just make one up! you can always send me something by email and i'll workshop it with you.


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