Thursday, September 30, 2010

quest of the armaged ion

"the quest of the armaged ion"

here comes again to my mind
a desire to know what the end is like,
when the starlight is gone to the eye,
and the sun core is cold in the heart.

i must have in this body on any day
enough ions, enough energy to,
with the help of long mental levers,
move my ignorant boulder and know all.

a light bulb precedes the light it gives,
yet light precedes the light bulb.
the body precedes the mind it generates,
but mind precedes the body.

unless the mind is an accident of the body,
perhaps the body is an accident of the energy,
perhaps the energy is an accident of the creator,
perhaps the creator is foolish, though powerful.

does all power require all knowledge?
does all power precede all knowledge?
may be true all-power is all-knowledge, 
and if so, we have two words for one thing.

would you agree all-power and all-knowledge
is the constitution of god, what god is?
put aside the word love, for a moment,
for love is part of that two word package.

must there be context in order to exist?
must there be an off for every on?
           a death for every life?
and must there be non-gods in god's creation?

an apocalypse is lifting the veil.
the veil is a shroud covering all-truth.
all-truth may be the eternal event of heaven.
heaven may be a place of being with god.

in god's creation, there is space and time,
human concepts to measure out, divide and unify.
perhaps all life combined assembles heaven.
here and now, then, is an ageless cousin of infinity.

perhaps the all-life heaven we assemble together
is god's mirror, perhaps we are fit in unison
to stand and be one with our creator
so long as we can stand and be one.

all these questions and answers---
          all these questions and answers,
they are circling, circling, circling,
they are circling, circling, circling.

the circles grow ever narrow
          the circles grow ever wide
to burrow down into truth, a spiral
to open the aperture or sharpen the gaze of the eye.

the moment of birth is an armageddon
of nothingness, proof of somethingness.
into my thoughts i admit then
the moment of death proves nothingness.

so while one is one and two, otherwise,
zero is a hole in the floor
we must avoid at all cost---
what else are our armaged ions for?

all these questions and answers
they are humans and angels
they are singing, singing, singing
they are slowly ringing the all-truth bells.

are we to wake up by this sound
or learn how to sleep peacefully in spite?
would waking up be a process of sleeping,
i'm inclined to think the other way right.

memory i say is the fastest entity
this universe has ever known,
for conception occurs in the split nano-second
of all knowledge, where god returns home.

absolute memory is fleeting, it cannot be clocked.
we remember everything before we forget anything,
everything comes back to us, like a universal shock
between the numbers of time.

armaged ions swirl throughout our body and mind,
and we brink on the edge of doom
for one purpose only,
to peer into our creator's room.

Originally published on AIDYs Poetry Blog

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