Thursday, September 16, 2010

rising to the original point

Two pair of noises---
soleless shoes
scrape-scratch echoes,
"Hello Mistress, adios blues!"

Pyramids! threes and fours---
minds converge here
on a single point where
four bubbles push force
and warp space to a point.

The apex is the origin!
The base is where we meet.
Logos commanding, Ethos extending,
and our dear Pathos in retreat.

Would be grand to know
for sure how Telekinesis
built monuments to itself
in the sands of time, in places
no one could thrive.

Would be grand to lay
down the age old question,
more if it could be done again
than how it first was done.

Two pair of noiseless
annoyances spark
a wild fire without brush,
running along in stark
contrast to the barren land.

Mister and misses meet
Mister and misses after all,
They trade mystic glances and
Raise earth rubbing elbow kisses.

Two pair, four minds,
three levels deep and
eight soleless shoes later---
Erupts the pyramids of sand.
              aren't they grand?

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