Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mai thai

my sweet little mai thai---
this body is yours, but mine to ravage.
for i here am a rum savage.
i have come from across the ocean,
on a ship they call the Constitution.

we launched two years ago
with eighty thousand gallons of water
and no rum but what sweated from our pores.
that is, of course, till we reached
caribbean shores.

we traded forty thousand gallons of water

for twenty thousand rum and ten thousand curacao.
its more than a year now
of hardwork and good cheer,
of boarding ships sabers bare
of crow's nest and ocean fare.

of spanish and dutch and english flags
of red flags and black masts
of black flags and bloody masts
two years like this cast with good cheer,
we board, we drink, we are the buccaneers.

my sweet little thai,
i am wearing neither pants nor a tie.
this here today is the fourth of july
you don't ask or wonder why
i am here or why i cry?
ah you, my sweet little thai.

i have independence enough for us both,
here in this bottle of rum
and here in this flask of curacao.
blend together, such a flame,
stirred as one, it has yet a name.

i am a sailor and you are my whore
neither of us are slaves but neither yet are we free
lay there, for the body i crave,
and i will pour you out, more and more,
and soon you'll be with child,
this rum savage and you gone wild,
and when i am gone, name him after me,
but before i again take to sea, aye,
my sweet little thai,
i shall name this drink after thee.

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