Thursday, November 18, 2010

the old man and the white duck

last week in the boston common,
during lunch time, while drinking coffee
and enjoying a smoke,
i noticed something absurd.

about thirty feet from me,
an elderly man was on his knees
attempting quite calmly
to place a paper hat he had made
from a sheet of the free newspaper
upon the head of a white duck.

the white duck held its ground
in a stubborn cocksure manner
and nipped at the old man's hand
with each and every attempt,
never turning to walk away,
making no noise at all for protest.

i drank two-thirds a cup of coffee
and finished off two cigarettes
as calmly and steadily
as that scene played out
before i realized i was late
for a meeting and had to go.

the old man and the white duck
continued on with their conversation,
and might even still be having it.
i don't know why but the absurd
turns a part of me on.
i wore a full smile the rest of the day.

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