Saturday, December 4, 2010

the bullet comes from paradise

the bullet that bursts
straight through your organs
has chased you down
from around the world.

give us a song and we'll take it
and leave you standing there
wondering what we think.

the shooter that stalks you
was born a long time ago
and born again the moment
after you spoke.

give us the night and we'll stay up
and leave you laying there
slumbering in the morning light.

the doctor stands over
your gaping crater
fingering your wires
he has nothing to say.

give us your soul and we'll forget
and leave you anywhere
quivering in the aftershock.

your lover's collapse
recorded on camera
and remembered as long
as videos play.

give us control and we'll break through
and leave you higher than
struggling alone can do.

the bullet comes from paradise
a special delivery of love
trumpets only you can hear
and all else moves along.

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