Tuesday, December 7, 2010

love, after lennon

i was feeling all alone
and my thoughts began to roam,
had somebody on my brain,
might have actually gone insane.

i didn't mean to love you,
i'm sorry and i don't know why.
and i don't want to love you,
i'm just helpless guy.

i was feeling through the past
and the wind was moving fast.
what a journey, what a train,
what a roadblocked memory lane!

how could it be i love you?
i'm honest now, i don't know why,
and still don't want to love you
but that's just a sigh.

i am feeling on the ball
and am deaf now to your call.
here with numbness, but no pain,
skin with scars but still no stain.

and here i am, though i love you,
no more thinking about the why.
it does no good to love you,
you're just a butterfly, a butterfly.

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