Wednesday, December 15, 2010

love, after nilsson

life isn't easy when one becomes queasy and the other
keeps cooking the same ole supper that mixes and mashes
all of the acids festering one's stomach.

how does it happen the menu is splendid
the venue is better and one is suggesting
a pairing of ocean with vineyard to swirl in the stomach?

oh when it started the cocktail was easy
the waitress was crazy the evening was lazy
but the conversation kept changing the mood in the stomach.

discomfort growing now brewing a crisis
look at the watch a scotch with no ice please
toes are now fisted and fire is raging the stomach.

then came the moment which follows the torture
and forsaking judgment for an ounce of pleasure
climatic waves and silence except in the stomach.

no life is easy when one is so queasy all others
are cooking the same ole supper mixing and matching
all of the habits that burn in the pit of one's stomach.

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