Monday, December 6, 2010

#poetry - Rabbit thinks

shall i come out of hiding?
i can smell the badger out there.
he is hunting, he is hungry.
this winter i cannot leave
unless i leave with god speed.

i know i can outrun the badger
but if i feed now i will not
stop at one feeding
and the badger will trace my scent
back to this hiding hole.

my heart and thoughts will race
faster than my bones and muscles
can decipher and i will lock up
and the badger fear will take me
and i will be no more then.

the winter is always long and so
i will have more time to wonder
aloud like this whether or not
i should go out or still hide.
and are these the only choices?

i badger myself, these rabbit thoughts,
and glorify these realms that are
inside and out each day a banter
and no song of heroic deed or line
but the heroism in confronting self.

oh the bones and the blood around them
and the blue lights that run
and the white lights that burst
and the red and the green sparkles, all.
but then the shades of grey dimming down.

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