Thursday, December 9, 2010

time, your Ur speaking to mine

time was nothing to you
until you were born.
then you had to suck it all in
and wonder about its wings.

memory loss must be the worst,
the before and during shots
one's life and body toil for.
then to reach back for tatters.

i thought we had something there,
your Ur was speaking to mine.
our animals had a golden age,
don't you remember any of that?

sentient spaceship passing by,
hail! all ten million nanometers
of you, fibrous whispers and color,
do, i wonder what you taste like.

in this universal jungle
there lived a universal monkey
swallowed by a universal snake.
monkey's universe never quits.

nihilism's alright i imagine.
life being grand is also a sigh,
sure, sure, for granted, sure.
but death, now that's something!

long after the swallowed becomes
the swallower, swallower changes,
and we're not sure yet but
the swallowed might live on.

i saw it once, a long lost diagram,
approach vectors and hailing protocol
to meet and be nourished by a mind.
but i wasn't supposed to see that.

three years now and counting on,
i've had the same apple in my pocket.
we're buddies, this apple and i,
now if i could just find a peach.

trade you right for some feel good,
i'd rather be dead wrong of truth
and comforted by a fool
who knows how to make comfort.

be bop oh, be bop oh, be bop oh,
the trinkets of youth gather dust,
ejected booster rockets, idle,
missing little below the dull orbit.

tear hence, my ginna,
a mushroom is jesus christ!
locked away in the forever hold,
be bop oh, be bop oh, be bop oh.

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