Sunday, January 16, 2011

#poetry - carry under the big oak

hey you. this morning i watched
a very little bit of tv
i played with the channels and
settled on a Sex and the City rerun

i came in in the middle of things
carrie had just punched mister big
in the nose after he knocked her
out of bed in his sleep

she was upset there wasn't enough
room in his life for her
i didn't finish the episode so
do not know how it resolved

remembering the first time through
carrie loved mister big for all
the qualities that made him him
except the one that kept him him

isn't that how they bent him in
in end when they needed the series
to be over they had him finally
come down and grant her wish

and doesn't everyone walk up to
the same strong oak and stand there
wishing its bough would bend down
so they could ride the oak for real

of course no one really gets granted
this wish and if it truly is the
bough and not the wish they want
they all find rope or cut the oak down


  1. this is especially hilarious because I've been watching sex and the city all day for the most part

  2. i'm glad i caught your eye. these all might otherwise be titled "to marit"


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