Friday, February 25, 2011

#Poetry - Fortune Rings the Fool Heart

Character is Fate -Heraclitus

Marvelous how Fortune rings the fool heart!
No need this fool to break bread and wonder,
He starves himself one to work the other--
Kind by these ways, he views end before start,
Takes it all in, staggering with bother,
Falling for the rise he knows each will bring,
Folly! for his eyes meet his suffering,
But he does not back down despite its fire.
Where do fool hearts come from if not Fate's spring?
Character flaws don't know fool hearts at all,
Speak only of blind eyes toward a signal,
Not of standing sight-full at center ring,
Not of leaning rightful for the bull's horn,
Not of He who's courage shows wisdom scorn.

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