Thursday, May 19, 2011

#poetry - and yet we'll be together

the animal anima show
sells fast,
the body will go
but the prayers won't last,
and dwindles down to zero
each lord before his lass.

someday we'll be together.
today i'm your sargent,
john singer,
and tonight you are so important---
to me!
flamenco dancer.

go against the gold wall,
my will vertigo your shadow
vibrates and crawls,
the pen and the paper
and the flow
and the pall

the marble looking linofloor
and the rapping
just right
outside the door
echo companies your vocal core
and turns on my light.

when the hour of rapture nears
we'll be apart.
dear we will be pulled
as easily we were fooled,
and afterward understood
like ground for a feather.

and thus to the end all hearts
and to the start all fears---
dancer of a gold wall school,
lover sketched to a form unto,
and yet we'll be together
in the painful years!

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