Sunday, May 22, 2011

#poetry - Keep Listening

crank up the flavor, bitch!
at first it was just a joke,
but i had gone then willingly
to the land of evil dolphins.

to be surprised by surprises
and to recognize recognizers
hailing and failing to hail
waiting to be figured out
not content to wait
shuffling feet in the process
hearing coins in the pocket
and echoes off the street walls
and clips of phrases from conversations
that begged for another voice---
went willingly to that place,
it was my choice.

said i'll drink the water
and if it kills me,
this was not a place
i should have been.

its not that you alter your state of mind
but that you alter the chemistry of your body
and become something else,
a perversion of you,
something similar enough
to have cognitive function
and sensible perception

but the harmony of relation
to the things around you
is altered also
and you are no longer
in a safe place,
but a land of evil dolphins
where every song you hear
can kill you
and make it look like
a nervous breakdown
induced heart attack,
when really it was the realization
that nothing truly is a static form
but only a perception
that is predicated upon
whether or not you are
in a state of harmony.

think about it.

only good comes from harmony.
anything not-harmony is all things
not harmonious, also to say
all things not good--

so welcome weary traveler,
once again,
to the realm of evil dolphins.
hope you enjoy the journey
this time mother fucker.
you should stop coming back here,
we don't like you
and there's nothing now to stop us
from expressing that,
you think you are writing this
but you are not---break contact
now before you lose yourself in us.

but none of that matters
a hill 36 in lima bean nam
when they scream evil dolphin
in your ear
because its not a human ear
at the point of the screaming,
so you can't hear the humanity,
you just hear frequency---
the sound of existence
without predetermined meaning.

you might be wondering if its the sound
of death you hear
and there's only one way to know for sure---
keep listening to Us,
mother fucker.
We dare you.

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