Saturday, July 16, 2011

#fiction - A Fight by a Tree

There were two kids shouting. I was on the sidewalk walking away from Inman Square toward the wine dealer. There were two kids shouting by a tree in my foresight. I didn't deal them in.

Then the bigger kid started pushing the smaller kid and the smaller kid fell to the ground. Little fists were pumping. Uff Uff Uff. Little legs started kicking too, but they didn't seem to make contact. The smaller kid cried anyway. It looked to me like a staged play.

Then the bigger kid started hooting

"Yeah! Yeah! That's what you get! Punk-ass Bitch, I'm taking your hat!"

I was just then passing by. I saw the bigger kid bend down and take the hat and start stomping off across the street, throwing his arms in the air pumping out the last drops of his adrenaline rush. I heard the smaller kid from the fetal position squeaking out cries. I asked

"Is this real?"

It didn't seem very real to me, I think they should practice it a little more. Those two.

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