Friday, July 22, 2011

#fiction - like some fishermen

i heard this morning someone say,

"i don't want a lesson, i just want to complain."

i thought then immediately of pirates boarding a ship. angry amped-up pirates coming aboard an intensely valuable ship. but not to seize its plunder, or capture the vessel as a prize and, after executing its captain and commandeering its crew, sail it off to the secret hideaway paradise island they call home where it would be refitted to possibly become a flagship that could sail hard terror across the waves and guarantee forever hegemony over every sea.

that's not what these dream pirates wanted to do.

they wanted only to bore a very large hole at the dead center bottom of its hull and stand there adding their own weight to its then fast sinking. i can't seem to know, neither by concentrating hard upon it nor by wandering with every intoxication, exactly what motivates these pirates. but they have seized a hold of me metaphorically.

in flesh, i just ignore the person who says a thing like that, maybe write about it afterward, see if i can get a laugh in and then carry on to the next day like some fishermen do. that there--is just a storm my boat does not have to be apart of.

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