Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#poetry - Somnay Mahnee - #UsGuys

badda-bing machine
it was a dream
i closed my eyes
and missed #usguys

i flaked off into
another world
and drifted there
somnay mahnee

and all the smiles
were wrapped
in snakes

and all the while
in all the while
through all the while

somnay mahnee
came to mean
weather falling
desperate skies

whether follows
loving sighs
itsy dead cockroach
and big green eyes

all the reason
to be with honor
while also to test
that reason

this is a story
of self-treason
this is a lesson
not a reason

if you make it
to the other world
somnay mahnee

somnay mahnee
let it be
so you should too

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