Monday, September 26, 2011

#fiction - when the prospect suspects you

i am a salesman. i am what i say i am.

now, we're going to go into that house right there and i'm going to attempt to sell it to you. we're going to go up there and i'm going to use all the pyschological weapons in my arsenal to sell that house to you, i'm going to empty the cartridge on your mind, i'm going to dose you high, high, high.

all sorts of things can happen when i do this. you can like it, you can REALLY like it, or you can not like it, maybe even REALLY not like it. its up to the mind. and that's all that's really going to happen in there.

now, depending on the experience some have, you can find and read an excited exultant positive review or furious and scathing negative one. and that's what you did. you found and read a negative review from a mind that was unsatisfied by the magic spells his salesman used upon him. he hired a magician, on the word of a prayer, hoped for a sorcerer and never saw the wizard---and so because he can't except his own failure in the venture, he broke the code of his prayer and murdered his magician in the full light of your laptop or iphone.

so you read this review-thing and are affected by it. and want to carry a chip on your shoulder. and with every passive aggressive opportunity you have in our conversations, you want to unload that chip on my shoulders. like, your learned cynicism is my cross to bear. because think about it now, if it wasn't merely cynicism---if there was validity in the claim of those reviews, it would have to be true that i really am a liar or in some way incapable of working the magic spell on your mind, using nothing but the truth. but now you see, its only the absolute truth that i use on you. its funny right?

can you think about it? can you show me a smile? good. now, do you want that negative review to interfere anymore than it already has with our positive experience, with our dream about to become true? no, of course not. alright, cigarette break over!

now you're ready to see your new home.

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