Saturday, September 10, 2011

#poetry - only two

in the morning we go
sliding, spinning, sinning
grinning, gaming, naming
no complaining

and by the noon
its like a shoe under a spoon
we look around
grassing the dew
   that's what we do

we hear a big bang
it is the Big Bang!
   its only two

the ripples from the core
by now the time is four
we ask for more and more
   and we get more---
   four and four!

the sun won't stop its number
Rose and youthful wonder
burning overture over
oh, ah, ah, ah, uh uh

we hear the bang!
it's big, the bang,
it sounds like two

I'm so blind I'm Roman
door sings "Uncle, open!"
the thief is rich and coping---
I'll be Bach, Beethoven!
   & Chords are broken
   Angelic token.

the noon is just an A.M.
all day we're set aflame and
Ninja Samurai, amen
black then white then gray then

We hear a big bang
once more the Big Bang!
   again there's two

its not a function but a joint
of day & night elements
that come together and ends
all demonstrations.

the joint up on a hill's
corona, an all-pill,
acknowledging all thrill---
   gives us the thrill,
   until our fill!

we hear the big bang
we here---the Big Bang!
we're only two.

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