Friday, September 16, 2011

#poetry - to give fire

i've arrived at a moment
i'm not sure how to conquer
it's a "give fire to man?"
sort of moment

the question isn't really
of should, that answer
is always yes

the question is only
of how, this answer
is beyond yes

and i'm stunned while
looking dead on at it

am preparing to formally
as i always have to now
give it all away for free

every last drop of the truth
i hold with great facility

there will be a massing
of good minds around this truth
and from that massing
a branch off of the maddened by

there's no question about it
they will try to escape
the gravity of this truth bearer
by all means available to them

but it shall be too late
by then for them and then
what should come of them?

swift decisive stamping out?
slow siphoning of their force?
systematic and patient isolation?

said once give all to forward
and none reverse except where forward
is the only course there must be
what is left behind, no?

such is the follows of foresight
planning to annihilate all memory
and make the future entirely known

no one wants the fire
until they have it under control
then no one wants control again
until they are on fire

make a pact especially with the Liar
and watch the Acts of his own conscience
become your choir, you the lord
he your squire, if you choose
                      to give men fire

now promise this and hold yourself higher
you will never abuse the truth
especially when you are the liar
be unto all others wholly good
be the control and be the fire.

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