Friday, October 7, 2011

#poetry - The Dragon and The Prophet and the Soulmate Memory Song

"The Dragon and The Prophet and the Soulmate Memory Song"

Enter the Dragon

She caught the Dragon's
eye when
he overheard her
about the state of
"Exactly what is

That all depends what
is is---
but it ain't none of your
so don't be fronting
miss miss,
or you'll be melting
fizz fizz!

Until you know the
Whiz Kid,
you shouldn't be so
there ain't no justice
And that one's from the
Prophet :)

Then the Prophet Came and Sang

i do my days
i do my nights
i do the wild wonder
i do the holy thunder

i learn my lessons
i win my fights
i hear the music on the stair
i bottle lightning with the air

i see ole Lucifer go home
i see Michael return to Rome
i see you try to walk with him
i see no sinews and no limbs

waiting now waiting for you to kneel
to tell you then how to use your eye
to show you i's past-present-future
beaming outward of every creature

And The Soulmate Memory's Beaming

I think back now and
remember you,
the tide of days was shorter,
your hair kept growing longer.

Remember what we
liked to do?
When singing of all places,
we flailed ourselves in dances.

But we couldn't keep ourselves
we tried and tried and tried and tried---
we tried until we both had died!

I guess what else can be
without our bodies to collide,
except to find the other side?

So I wonder if you'll get a chance
to hear this---
You are the music of my sea,
I know you feel the same of me.

I remember you now, I remember
our bliss---
Your life, a song and my eternity,
and Heaven now is just about to be!


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