Sunday, October 30, 2011

#poetry - Thank You, Mr. Keeper (A Note from the Rabbit)

It's a real bad habit
that I can't let go of.
No, I can't shake it loose---
it's a real bad habit,
   Duck, Duck, Goose.

I'm a real bad Rabbit,
found a hole that was deep.
Went down it deeper and deeper,
Yeah, I'm a real bad Rabbit,
   I went down to thank the Keeper.

I couldn't get enough,
you saw that, Duck, Duck, Goose!
though I never made a peep
while looking for the Keeper
of the carrots at the bottom
of the hole in the center
of the inverted mountain

I came down to say thank you,
and now eating this note in the walls
of the inverted mountain
in the center of the hole
at the bottom of this carrot:

     They were real good carrots,
     so juicy and sweet,
     each bite was oh! sweeter and sweeter,
     and they were real good carrots,
     I love you, Mr. Keeper!
     just ask Duck, Duck, Goose.
     Yes, I'm a real bad rabbit
     but they were real good carrots,
     and now they're gone, message done,
                                     ~and I'm loose!!~

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