Saturday, December 31, 2011

#poetry - "In the Year of Our Lord" #NewYearsEve

"In the Year of Our Lord"

Another year, Old Man
Another year, Young Lady.
Do I see your baldness showing,
Do I see your hair its graying.
Now I see your head with Wisdom,
Curved with thought and shining,
Now I see the youth of old bannering
And how the years are flying.

Teaspoon mirrors---now look,
they bow and bend,
Riddles rused us once, 
oh ha-ha! but now we mend,
And in this year, in this long year,
Death's Age we shall end
And moving thus, will have no fear
For from this open cage we shall send

Our Soul
   on to the infinite Joy
And there it shall go
   on to the infinite Joy
To where only Who knows,
   on to the infinite Joy,
What was once ebb, is now flow,
   and on to the infinite Joy
                     We go!!!

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