Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Day of Universal Ignorance

Could there be a day without question,
no wonder or cancer or confusion?
There could not!
Yet there could be by chance a day
where all of our sorrows become like joy
where every question seems to be an answer
and every wonder has been found illuminated
where all the pain of cancer eases
and confusion is standing still and knowing all.

I drink a dry wine with warm cola on this day.
I lay naked under a hot sun and close my eyes.
I feel cool petals under my calves.
I make the most of doing nothing and enjoy the moment,
for it has come and it will not last.

It is quiet on this day.
I imagine there must be no one without this joy
and that is why it is so quiet,
like the passing of the moon across the face of the sun,
there comes a total eclipse of the mind's knowledge,
a total universal ignorance,
and I am one like all,
and all is like me lying on the ground with perfect bliss.


  1. Moments like these do not last long enough... a nice poem to cause contemplation. :)

  2. "and I am one like all and all is like me" Beautifully written narrative!

  3. I must admit that there are days that I wish I knew nothing of pain, illness or death.
    I have tried to run away from it, taking a 14 day cruise where all I had to do was lay in the sun and pretend all was right with the world. Unfortunately, the world and life has a way of intruding.
    I quite enjoyed reading; quite thought provoking. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Have a blessed weekend!


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