Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#poetry - "Always Two" (with a quote by T. Roosevelt)

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people. -Theodore Roosevelt

People shake all the time, it is in their nature—
What could be is fantastic and what is, a creature,
Before the moment becomes the final stature,
Stolen to defy its creator,
Swollen but compliant, a complainer,
Touch this now and be no stainer.

Here is the time for
And that is what we mean to say.

Accept what could and deny it also.

Okay now, I hear you listening to me,
No surprises there.
It’s been while, hasn’t it?

Yes, my friend, it has and we’re now,
Where are we,
We’re in your office.
Good. That’s where we should be.

Standing so admirably.

Look at them. Look. Look…
                          At your wine glass.

Iridescent? No.
It pulls your ear lobe.
It makes out with your best friend’s vcr.
It tables the corner and then begins to laugh.
Somehow, it thinks it will get some of those potato chips
In the bowl that is just yonder.

What else does it think?

It thinks ugg.

It thinks about butterflies.
Going ‘e, ah, oh. ah.’

And then it falls away when it reveals itself.

Because that is the moment of truth,
And it’s waiting to be Judged,
More so than the Judge,
More so than what the Judge means.

Pacing, for comment.

Self judgment.
Self judgment?

Now we’re twixt.
It’s okay. It’s only because there’s always two of us.

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