Sunday, February 24, 2013

#poetry - the dead spot

woke up to a dead spot
in the life of all life
that came to be a living death
slowly over time

at first we had a doctor
he was not so nice
gave us something
we didn't want
put us out on ice

then we had just ourself
guessing at the game
guessed we were alright
but we had to
guess again

then we had policemen
knocking down our door
they had brought
more doctors
just to be sure

couldn't lose the dead spot
it had come to life
being such a drag and
sucking all the time

not to say there was no hope
but it kept us low
everyday we
had to try
breathing was a chore

what had kept us going on
was a memory
of being fine
and the promise that we could
all be fine again

there was always something good
trying to get out
of the cloak
we always wore
and be what we were

always there's a dead spot
though we have more life
it will take what it can
and widdle down our time

having gone through it all
we are more mature
and can take
the slowing of
our heart in its detour

there are next door neighbors
there are distant friends
there are candlesticks
and there our
story ends

we could be factors
in a random poll
but the question
is too long
to be caught in whole

always there's a dead spot
cutting through our life
taking what it can and
widdling down the time

we can't lose the dead spot
it blossoms from our life
dragging like a fallen flag
it sucks in all the time

we wake and there's a dead spot
our life our precious life
comes to be a living death
this slowly over time

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