Sunday, February 23, 2014

#poetry - Fewer Pieces Left Behind

(written January 17th, 2010)

I am the first born of the dead and one of the rulers of the kings of earth.
Now and again there comes in mind as here--
And I ask myself shall I return to my Church?
Shall I return to Church before I return to earth?

How swiftly we do, how swift rather,
   how swift we do

             forget and remember
             friends and waters
             lends and grants
             deeds and sovereigns
             echoes and chants

fateful journeys we take, fortune telling the wake
how swift we do harm by the length of this psalm
yet we are the writer now and
bid the reader smaller bites to eye will
preserve the psalm from harm and the eye as well.

I am the porcupine. This is my spell.

And I heard tell
"The Gods are coming down. The Gods are coming down and that's a guarantee."
                                                                     - John M.

In a place where I wrote, "A Gent of the System"

And who are you today, Senor Ortiz---
~A Gentleman of the Sister Temple~

And what have you to say for yourself, Sir?
~You have forgotten already my name-
and from where we wonder are you now came~

"The Hunting Verse" from The Jungle Book by R. Kipling

Feet that make no noise;
eyes that can see in the dark;
ears that can hear the winds in their lairs;
and sharp white teeth;
all the things are the marks of our brothers
except Tabaqui the Jackal and the Hyaena
whom we hate."


few er peace S left b-hind

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