Friday, March 14, 2014

#poetry ? How it gets done in #CambridgeMA


Quiet gets you the job, raise, promotion, and equity
          A fish would love.

So can't be hard to tell. Anyone knows who you are.

Fourth grade guerrilla warrior tells her mama she's not happy.
Mom tweets discontent, hashtag elite.
           A pizza shop shuts down for good.

Meanwhile, Alderman. A room of architects.
           One sheet in hand for liquor.
           An easel with rustic things upon it.
           Slightly concerned but willing not to be.

Right things are said. But let's meet again, in Korea.
                The taxi knows only 3 streets.
                 Left, Right, Straight.

You can't pay or get out. But be quiet.

High five, rare coin.
A 4 story building thought too hard.
A 4 alarm fire man saved the day
A 4 star hotel noticed.
Who doesn't like the number 4, Cap?
          There's insurance for that.

A sealed envelope is very pretty.
         Connecticut is nice as well as Hong Kong.

-Inman 46:1

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