Sunday, July 20, 2014

#poetry - The Mirror's Calling

"The Mirror's Calling"

The starlet
dropped a painting's
light deep into her eye---
and it was just all then

yet unabated,
on its way the otherside---
      The Mirror's calling.

Oh Scarlet,
stop your painting,
night is ready to fly
and you should come soaring

and with breath baited,
to find that all you hide
is just your all-knowing

going nowhere
no one knows---
no one knows where
no one goes.

The farthest
you've ever gotten
is that truth you deny
the moment it's falling

and concentrated---
that is how you abide
the mirror's calling

going nowhere
no one goes---
no one goes where
no one knows.

Scarlet run,
time is almost done
for starlet and for sun.

Call everyone,
the end has just begun
and run Scarlet run

going nowhere
no one knows,
no one knows where
no one goes---

run run run!
run Scarlet run!

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