Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#poetry - watching the shop

get dope, get stoned
eat your moonshine today
don't go to sleep if you want to wake up
there's no stopping there's no stopping
who's not watching the shop
he's the one who's in charge
he's out back with Aunt Marge
we got sick but really we are okay

tell me my friend oh and tell me again
where's the trouble in a bubble
if it bursts its just a hustle
yes and its my turn to speak
i am climbing to the peak
are you coming or just humming
i can't tell we're in an oven
and we're looking back on all we said

when i'm alone i am riding at home
while you're out there in the fog
so far from your lucky star
i can't take it no more
we've got bats at our door
and they're knocking and they're knocking
but we won't go out with nothing
so we rally round the fire we made

don't you know i reach out i reach out
i get it when i reach out
how hard is it to try
its just the lack that makes us cry
i make it what i want it to be
i swear myself a tapestry
ceiling to floor oh boy do i ignore
every hassle with tassel everywhere within my castle

and while you sing this you will say
while you sing this all you say is
that you get dope get stoned
and eat your moonshine today
yeah you get dope get stoned
and eat your moonshine today

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