Saturday, November 29, 2014

#poetry - there was a Rose

there was rose
who knows my toes
they glow
held in a room
essential perfume

the door was closed
they thought they
had the time
yet we were close
so everything
did shine

i saw the waves
heat rising from
my body
i heard your voice
you knew we
had no body

there was a rose
a mystical
it had a scent
though i
had had no nose

this was a heaven
we had opened
the door
i heard a voice
looking around
for more

the voices came
with lots of ruin
for questioning
too much what we were doing
they should have braced
the voyage we were taking
if they had loosened up
we'd still be sailing

oh well we had it then
although we lost it later
i am happy to have been there
and able to be martyr
and though the truth about it
they will not utter
yet there still remains in my heart
the scent of that great Other

there was a Rose
there was a Rose
a mystical Rose

there was a Rose
there was a Rose
a mystical Rose

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