Friday, December 5, 2014

#poetry - alpha and alpha

[written a long while ago]

wave upon wave upon wave---
save me, oh lord, save me!
               i am, i am.
anoint me, anoint me!!
         je suis, je suis,
hey zeus creasy! define order!
define love! define life everlasting!

what is supreme? what is eternal?
and why do we stand around
and wait for the end? why?
but to pretend we know
the first two answers
like a summation problem.

the back of the book holds the answer,
just as well as the front of the book
holds the oil of your fingers' print.
living teeming oil
brought up from the soil,
inorganic matter and charged energy,
to tell in certain form
the answer is wrong
               if you are dead!

what is more absurd than what pascal said,
his wager against all doubt?
to be a lemming on the edge of a cliff
and not wonder a thought for a dip.

ambol along then and gamble away!
most would agree life is a river winding
from source to delta
with escaping vapor, exciting ether

dust in a soundless cloud

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