Friday, December 5, 2014

#poetry - bum fight over cigarettes

the bums came out of no where
i was holding a coffee and taking a drag
three inches right in front of me
they started to nag
can we have a cigarette we are from the street
i took a sip of coffee
and i said no you can't
i'm smoking all these cigarettes
i need them for me
the shorter fatter stronger one took off his hat
he said we're not asking you
the taller skinny darker one was holding onto a bag
he said you better give it up
i took another drag
and i tried to sip the cup
when the strong one swung at my head
he missed and knocked the cigarette out of my mouth
i threw hot coffee in his face
and flung him all about
pushed his head into the wall
and threw him hard to the ground
i stomped him and i kicked his head
and looked for the other one
he had bolted out of sight and was long gone
the white guy struggled to his feet
he might have fought more
i said this is for a cigarette
just walk away while you can
he thought a moment and did just that
i could tell he walked the wrong way though
after a few minutes he came back
but crossed the street and kept walking on
he did not look back
he called out the black guy's name
but no one was there to call back
then a cop pulled someone over to the side of the road
and the whole sky was black and blue

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